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New ingredients - July/August 2010

Fibersol-2 for confectionary treats
ADM, the maker of Fibersol-2, has created a line of prototypes demonstrating the ingredient's versatility in confectionary products. It includes an ice cream bar with 6g of fibre. Fibersol-2 is a low-viscosity soluble dietary fibre; it requires minimal formulation and process adjustments, is heat stable, and does not add flavour or taste. It is also compatible with reduced-sugar applications. It can be used up to 10g (dry basis) to any food, adding only 0.40g of 'sugars'.

Zeaxanthin in 5% beadlet
EZEyes zeaxanthin is now available in a 5% beadlet form. EZEyes is the only all-natural, free 3R 3'R zeaxanthin beadlet form in the industry, according to its maker, Chrysantis. EZEyes zeaxanthin is available in a range of ingredient forms for capsules, tablets and softgels. The 5% beadlet provides formulators greater flexibility in choosing the level of dietary zeaxanthin to add to their product and has a guaranteed shelf life of two years. 3R 3'R zeaxanthin, made from Marigolds, is the same form of zeaxanthin found naturally in fruits and vegetables. EZEyes dietary zeaxanthin is totally natural, vegetarian, GRAS and GMP compliant. Chrysantis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ball Horticultural Co based in West Chicago.

B-CAN Oat Beta Glucan 70% ingredient
Garuda International Inc has introduced a variety of Oat Bran Concentrates containing natural Oat ß-glucan, available in 70%, 55%, as well as an Oat bran fibre with a concentrated 10% beta glucan. Products are certified Kosher and Halal and a USDA NOP and EC compliant organic variety is also available. Although previously launched in test markets, this is the first global launch. Garuda's 55% Oat ß-glucan can replace a similar product previously offered by another supplier that has since been discontinued. Oat ß-glucan is a soluble fibre derived from the oat endosperm cell wall. It comprises a class of nondigestible, nonstarch polysaccharides called beta-D-glucans, which are known to lower the risk of coronary heart disease by significantly lowering LDL cholesterol, hypertension and glycaemic response. It is also known to stimulate immune cell function and is approved by the FDA and EFSA in making a 'heart healthy' claim.

Fluid acetylcholine ingredient for cognition
Enzymotec has launched a proprietary, cost-effective fluid Alpha GPC product called Sharp-GPC 45F to improve mental function and impede memory-related cognitive decline. Alpha-GPC is a naturally occurring brain nutrient capable of rapidly boosting acetylcholine levels in the brain and providing essential nutrients for the brain. Sharp-GPC 45F yields the nutrient at a higher efficiency and at a significantly lower cost, Enzymotec says. The product is engineered as a sweet, clear liquid application that can be easily formulated into liquid applications and provide a convenient platform for other nutrients as well.

Beauty ingredient modulates elastase
FutureCeuticals has developed an ingredient called Dermaval, the first beauty-from-within product to report a measurable modulation of elastase in human subjects. Elastase is an enzyme associated with the deterioration of elastin, a protein that is a vital part of elastic fibres in the skin. Initial study results show that Dermaval inhibits elastase by up to 10 per cent in human subjects within two hours after ingestion. The research was conducted using FutureCeuticals' proprietary TargeTest biotesting platform. Dermaval is a natural blend of individual fruit- and vegetable- powders that FutureCeuticals' researchers identified as elastase inhibitors during initial screenings. The final blend of these active ingredients was then tested for elastase inhibition.

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