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New magazine devoted to Organic Beauty

by Tiffany Plate

The first consumer print magazine dedicated solely to natural beauty products launched this January. Organic Beauty focuses specifically on helping women find expert information on healthy, natural cosmetics and skin care. The magazine will cover skin, hair and oral care products, as well as the best organic foods, herbs and supplements for skin health.

In a tough economic climate, launching a new consumer print magazine can be a risky proposition but Organic Beauty's publisher Diane Hintz disagrees. "There may not be a more perfect time to launch Organic Beauty magazine," she said. "Remember the Lipstick Index—that cosmetic sales rise in direct relation to free-falling finances." The New York Times recently reported that lipstick sales are up 41 percent in the last few months, a good indicator that Organic Beauty just might find a willing audience right now.

Hintz also feels confident about the phenomenal growth among natural beauty brands. "Women are looking for ways to feel good and they are increasingly turning to natural and organic beauty products," Hintz said. A 2008 consumer study ("" target="_blank">The Age of Naturals") done by the Benchmarking Company, concluded that consumer demand for natural products may be the most important single issue to impact the beauty industry in its history.

"Up until now, there was no one place to obtain fact-based information about organic and natural beauty," said Hintz. "Launching this magazine in a recession will allow us to establish a dominant presence in the marketplace."

Published by Homestead Communications Corporation, Organic Beauty will be published six times per year. The magazine also includes profiles on green beauty trendsetters and innovators, reader-submitted beauty tips, and information on organic resorts and spas. The magazine is helmed by editor-in-chief Rona Berg, former beauty editor of the New York Times Magazine and editorial director of Elle.

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