New Monograph For CLA Finalized in Canada

Wormerveer, The Netherlands, February 8, 2010 – Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate has finalized the new monograph for Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). This monograph is intended to serve as a guide to the Canadian industry for the preparation of Product Licence Applications (PLAs) for natural health product (NHP) market authorization of CLA. This finalized new monograph for CLA by Health Canada means that companies in the future will be able to communicate more effectively about the health benefits of CLA to Canadian consumers, health care practitioners and others interested in CLA for weight management benefits.

This mongraph is a significant development as Canada has approximately a market of 35 million people with buying habits for natural health products. The number of Canadians that are overweight has increased over the last 25 years. An increasing number of Canadian consumers are using health products for weight management and are spending approximately $212 per capita on nutritional food products annually. The Canadian nutraceutical and functional food industry has over 300 companies, from small start-up companies to multinational organizations which can now develop products with CLA and communicate more effectively its weight management benefits.

CLA is the most scientifically substantiated active weight management ingredient available on the market. It has been clinically proven to reduce body fat, improve body composition and increase lean muscle mass. One of the latest published clinical trials done with Clarinol® CLA showed reduction of fat mass in specific locations on the body, such as the abdomen and thighs, which are often the problems areas for consumers if they want to reduce fat.

Shan Chaudhuri, Director RA & IP at Healthy Body Services states “The finalized monograph for CLA by Health Canada helps Canadian companies now prepare their PLA’s (Product License Applications) for natural health product market authorization of CLA.” mention Mr. Chaudhuri, “Lipid Nutrition was instrumental in orchestrating and submitting the additional evidence which Health Canada utilized in coming up with the new monograph.”

Jaap Kluifhooft, Director Regulatory Affairs at Lipid Nutrition, points out that Health Canada reviewed all of the Company's published data as well as additional published scientific data in finalizing the new monograph for CLA. "This is an important milestone with regards to CLA and as a company we are happy that we could be of assistance."

About Clarinol® CLA
Clarinol® CLA is the best scientifically substantiated weight management ingredient available on the market. One of the latest published clinical trials with Clarinol® CLA in April 2007 in the British Journal of Nutrition, clearly established that Clarinol® CLA reduced fat mass in specific locations on the body, such as the abdomen and thighs. The Clarinol® CLA supplemented group demonstrated fat mass reduction already after three months. This further supports the existing body of evidence which provides a strong basis for a weight management claim on consumer packaging.
GRAS approved in July 2008, Clarinol® CLA is allowed in the following GRAS categories: fluid milk, yogurt, meal replacement beverages, nutritional bars, soy beverages and fruit juices.
Clarinol® CLA is available in a liquid, a powder, and an emulsion form. This allows a food or dairy company more possibilities to integrate the weight management benefits of Clarinol® CLA into different types of applications.

Additionally, Clarinol® CLA won the prestigious award for Best Slimming Ingredient already in 2005 in France organized by the international scientific organization Internationals Society for Antioxidant in Nutrition and Health (I.S.A.N.H)

About Lipid Nutrition
Lipid Nutrition is a global leader in the supply of scientifically sound lipid ingredients from natural origin, which improve and maintain health and well-being. The multi-awarded company holds a strong position in weight management products like Clarinol® CLA and PinnoThin®. In addition to weight management, Lipid Nutrition offers a variety of branded products like Marinol® concentrated fish oils for heart health and brain development, Vitatrin® Tocotrienol antioxidant and Betapol® human milk fat replacer for infant nutrition.

For more information on Lipid Nutrition please visit our website:

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