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New Packaging Makes Yogurt and Other Convenience Foods More Convenient

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Certain foods like yogurt just got a lot more convenient with the introduction of CrushPak® “go spoonless” containers. “CrushPak allows consumers to access products immediately, with or without a spoon – they choose,” comments Paul Adams, CEO of Inveratek, developer of the new technology that is now available for licensing in the US and Europe. The new packaging consisting of a compressible, accordion-like cup has energized food industry imagination. “It’s igniting new ideas about the presentation of everything from dairy foods to fruit pulps to jellies to condiments, sauces and pastes,” comments Adams. “It’s the new single serve cup.”

The patented CrushPak pack is especially suited for foods like yogurt that are thick or viscous. It can be used without a spoon (as a “squeeze-pack”), with a spoon, or as a dispenser to pop out the product. The flat-bottom package with accordion-like fans is distinctive and stands out on the shelf.

“CrushPak is a revolution in packaging technology,” comments Adams. “One pack ffers consumers three different ways to eat their favorite foods. It also enables manufacturers to create new consumption opportunities and opens new markets and channels for existing products. It’s the ideal platform to launch innovative products for today’s on-the-go and health-focused consumer,” he adds.

CrushPak can be manufactured on existing machinery lines with minimal tool changes and requires no special equipment. It runs at equivalent cycle times, uses standard polystyrene sheet and is suitable for both hot- and cold-fill applications. The unique CrushPak design also requires less plastic than conventional single serve cups, and can result in significant savings for manufacturers in costs and materials. Environmentally, less plastic enters the waste stream.

First utilized in October 2006 by Fonterra New Zealand, the world’s largest dairy exporter, for a youth-focused yogurt brand, the distinctive CrushPak look, design, and “go spoonless” option is a proven winner with moms who pack school lunches. “Products in CrushPak containers can be frozen, staying chilled and ready to eat at lunch time and Mom doesn’t have to put a spoon in anymore,” says Adams, whose company looks to ride the school focus on healthy foods. “Best of all, kids like to eat from CrushPak packs because it’s fun,” he adds.

CrushPak has been so successful that Fonterra launched a second product in February under their flagship Calci-Yum™ brand, which is also exceeding all sales expectations. “The consumer response has been overwhelming,” says Adams. “CrushPak products are retailing for up to three times the price of traditionally packaged products—it really proves that convenience is king.”

Another use for CrushPak is as a portion control container or dispenser for condiments, sauces and pastes. When preparing a meal or making a snack, the contents pop out with a simple squeeze—a measured amount every time. “There are so many possibilities, and the ideas for using CrushPak just keep coming,” says Adams.

CrushPak is available for license from Inveratek,, an industrial design and product marketing firm that develops and licenses patented technologies. Additional information on CrushPak can be found at or by contacting Paul Adams at Inveratek,, or toll-free at 888-947-8880.


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