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New products

BecelHeart-healthy spreads with fish oils
Unilever Canada has introduced a new margarine, Becel Omega-3 Plus, containing Ocean Nutrition Canada's MEG-3 EPA/DHA ingredient.?Unilever Canada is the first North American spread manufacturer to add omega-3s to its heart-healthy spreads. Becel Omega-3 Plus contains 50mg of EPA/DHA per 2-teaspoon serving. It contains no trans fat, and is nonhydrogenated and low in saturated fat.
+1 902 480 3210

Organic ZeroZero-calorie natural sweetener
Wholesome Sweeteners in Texas has created a sugar substitute designed to replace synthetic sweeteners currently on the market. All natural and organic, Organic Zero contains no calories or artificial ingredients, and has a glycaemic index of zero. Bearing an organic-certified stamp from the USDA, Organic Zero is made from organic sugar-cane juice, which is naturally fermented and crystallized, creating the first organic erythritol, a naturally occurring sugar that is present in fruits such as pears and melons, and fermented foods such as soy sauce and beer.
+1 800 680 1896

Smooth MoveNatural laxative product line
Smooth Move laxative products, made with organic senna or organic psyllium, are the first certified-organic natural laxatives on the market, says its creator, Traditional Medicinals. Several products are offered under the Smooth Move brand: an herbal tea; fibre products based on psyllium husk, which come in powder, whole husk and capsule forms; and laxative capsule called Senna with standardized senna leaf extract, ginger rhizome and licorice root.
+1 800 543 4372

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