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New Technologies & Packaging

Controlling flow
The new Spacing Wheel provides a cost-effective way for nutraceutical packagers to control product flow, AutoPak Engineering Corp reports. Ideal for small, lightweight bottles or cartons, the Spacing Wheel takes up minimal space and is easily incorporated into packaging lines. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, the wheel has a DC gear motor, which can operate at speeds from 5-30rpm. AutoPak can customize parts based on wheel diameter; speed adjustment; and size, weight and rate of product.
+1 787 723 8036

Scented packages
Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging is manufacturing a full line of scented packaging. The line — which includes canisters, polymer tubes and stoppers — allows manufacturers to protect products from moisture and other elements while adding an orange, lemon or customisable scent. The FDA-compliant technology incorporates aromas directly into Süd-Chemie?s injection-moulded polymer products, as well as its packets and bags.
+1 909 825 1793

New PET bottles
The Healthcare Packaging Group is featuring a complete line of PET Narrow Mouth Bottles. The bottles include PET Modern Rounds (4-16oz), PET Boston Rounds (2-16oz) and PET Cylinder Rounds (1-32oz). A variety of closure options include child-resistant and continuous-threaded closures with a variety of liner materials.
+1 908 851 9500

Reusable storage containers
The manufacturer of the ROPAK reusable container systems, Linpac Materials Handling, has introduced the MAX3 8844 container. Featuring rigid, sidewalls and a one-piece molded base with wood flooring, the MAX3 8844 was developed to handle both storage and shipping of larger quantities of finished products, including stacks and bundles of small parts and packages. The container can also be compartmentalized with up to three tiers of interior shelving for efficient organization. When empty, the containers can be stacked three high; when loaded, they can be stacked two high. Weighing in at 450lbs, the MAX3 8844 offers 190 cubic feet (5.38 cubic meters) of storage volume.
+1 502 863 5500
[email protected]

Quad seal pouch with slider zipper-art
Zip-Pak has teamed up with Hayssen Packaging Technologies to introduce the first US commercial quad seal pouch to feature slider zipper technology. The pouch was developed for Hartz, to launch 1-5lb resealable pet food packages. Produced with the new Ultima SV vertical form/fill/seal machine from Hayssen Packaging Technologies, the pouch features Zip-Pak Transverse Direction SLIDER technology.
+1 815 468 6500

Tuscany-style PET jars
The Cosmetic Packaging Group, a division of O.BERK Co, has introduced Tuscany-styled polyethylene terephthalate jars. The sizes currently available are 250ml with a 70-400 finish and a 500ml jar with an 89-400 finish. The line can be further enhanced with optional frosting, custom colours, silk-screening and labelling. The jars are suited for bath and body products including scrubs, gels, lotions, powders and bath salts.
+1 908 851 9500

Tuscany-styled jars
Alpha Packaging has expanded its line of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) jars with the introduction of a new style, the Tuscany jars, designed for personal care products. The 250ml jar has a 70-400 neck finish and the 500ml jar has an 89-400 neck finish. Alpha plans to create more sizes in the future depending on customer requests. Alpha will stock the new style of jars in clear and opaque white. Alpha?s standard PET colours of dark green, cobalt blue, light amber, clear and white will be available with no minimum order requirement.
+1 314 427 4300

Upgraded horizontal carousels
KI Logistex, a maker of integrated material handling solutions, has upgraded its line of horizontal carousels. The new software and hardware improvements offer increased flexibility in the design, specification and maintenance of FKI Logistex horizontal carousel systems, and provide an enhanced set of operating controls. FKI Logistex horizontal carousels are typically used for product picking in warehouse and distribution centre operations and in buffering applications for manufacturing operations, the company says.
+1 314 993 4700
[email protected]

Ultrafiltration membranes
Millipore?s family of ultrafiltration membranes can be used in a variety of applications where fluid purification or clarification is needed. The company?s polyethersulfone and regenerated cellulose UF membranes can collect and concentrate extremely small particles and dissolved molecules from fluids. Available in a range of molecular weight cut-offs, they can be adapted for a variety of applications, its maker says.
+1 800 645 5476

Trigger cap reservoirs
Century Foods International, a division of Hormel Foods Corp, has developed Trigger Cap technology for beverage containers. The Trigger Cap has a sealed reservoir that can hold up to 8ml that consumers can release into the drink quickly before consumption. They are designed to hold anything from flavours and electrolytes to agglomerated supplements and live cultures. Shelf-stable liquid or powder can be released into the solution by pressing on the Trigger Cap?s top after removing the tamper-resistant plastic cap.
+1 608 269 1900

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