New technology

High-visibility plastic pails
Pails with pizzazz is the approach IPL is taking. The packager's Shure-Lock Commercial Series pails with in-mold labeling offer standout graphics on plastic containers used for food products, designed to increase product visibility on retail shelves. The company says the pails provide greater resistance to scratching, damage during transport and water damage than other labelling, such as paper. IPL offers top-to-bottom graphics with full photographic quality and image resolution up to 175LPI, full-shading capabilities and a wide selection of typefaces (as small as six points). The pails are leak proof and tamper-evident.
+1 800 463 0270

Four new styles of PET packaging
Functionality and visual appeal come together in Alpha Packaging's four new styles of polyethylene terephthalate bottles and jars. The Firenze square jar features art deco-inspired bevelled corners for a sophisticated look, and the Palermo oval jar stands out against traditional round jars. The Barolo cylinder has a gentle convex profile that stands on its base or head, and the Venetian jar tapers in a heart shape to an oval base. Alpha's rapid package development cycle allows customers to launch new packaging in about one third the time, the company reports. The new products are available in clear and cobalt blue.
+1 800 421 4772

Water disinfection system
Got water? An out-of-the-water light-based solution is what Atlantium is counting on to disinfect water. The new water disinfection system uses an out-of-the-water UV lamp that kills broad-spectrum bacteria. The solution is expected to reduce toxic byproducts, decrease energy usage and reduce maintenance costs. Because the lamp isn't in the water, it eliminates the mechanical and thermal drawbacks of immersed lamp designs, while its quartz-tube chamber dual-sensor configuration ensures that light matches requirements, the company says. The solution eliminates fouling the water because no heat is generated. Atlantium guarantees disinfection levels of more than a 5Log bacteria reduction, critical in treating pathogens such as cryptosporidium and giardia.
+972 2 992 5001

Big factor for tiny cell
Microfluidics has debuted its M-110L Laboratory Microfluidizer processor, a high shear fluids processing system for lab volume micro-emulsions, cell disruption and micro-encapsulations. The M-110L has pressures up to 18,000psi, and a flow-rate range of up to 270ml per minute. The M-110L processes samples as small as 14ml, offering high yields in cell rupture with minimal processing and easy recovery, according to Microfluidics. The M-110L comes with a ceramic interaction chamber, a polished stainless- steel full-system enclosure, small diameter tubing, a 200ml glass reservoir, and removable circulation loops and cooling oil.
+1 617 969 5452

Thermoform fill-seal machinery
Manufacturers seeking seal integrity might take a look at Multivac's horizontal thermoform fill-seal machinery, integrated with Ircon MAXLINE 2 thermal seal inspection technology. The machinery enables users to package products at high speeds while inspecting, identifying, tracking and, if needed, rejecting packages based on parameters of their choosing. This solution allows nondestructive inspection of every seal without slowing production, lowering the likelihood of out-of-spec items being delivered to customers.
+1 800 800 8552

Process to extract nutrients from acid whey
Whey not? Dairy Management Inc's new process for extracting nutrients and proteins from acid whey is based on existing, successful technologies for fractionating proteins from other types of whey. Acid whey is loaded into an ion-exchange column that captures all the positively charged proteins, then whey protein isolate (WPI), alpha-lactalbumin or WPI depleted in alpha-lactalbumin can be made. Acid whey is produced when cottage cheese, cream cheese and ricotta are made.
+1 800 248 8829

'Intelligent' pump control system
Flowserve Corp, a provider of fluid motion and control products and services, has introduced IPS Tempo, a pre-engineered intelligent pump optimization, control and protection system. IPS Tempo helps eliminate down time and repairs caused by dry running, blocked lines, pump overloads, closed suction or discharge valves, cavitation and excessive wear, according to the company.
Users may program IPS Tempo to protect equipment against adverse operating conditions, optimising plant output and pump availability. IPS Tempo reduces power consumption up to 50 per cent and improves Mean Time Between Repair, Flowserve reports. IPS Tempo works for critical pump applications as well as varying system parameters, such as tank car unloading and multiservice pumps.
+1 972 443 6500

PET bottles for personal care products
Missouri-based Alpha Packaging has expanded its line of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) personal-care packaging with the introduction of its new Vanity Flair bottle in two sizes. With its fluted waist and broad shoulders, it's suitable for liquid bath products, hair care products, lotions and body splashes. The bottle can be topped with pumps, sprayers or other dispensing closures. The 8oz and 4oz styles feature 24-410 neck finish and are available in standard PET colours of dark green, cobalt blue, light amber, clear and white. Custom colours are available within four to six weeks of the order date.
+1 314 427 4300

R&D mixer
Littleford Day in Kentucky has created a new 75-litre pilot plant mixer designed for R&D applications. The FM-75 has stainless steel construction, and its jacket is designed for heating and cooling and is rated at 90 PSIG at 330oF.
+1 859 525 7600
[email protected]

Separator spray
Dow Corning has debuted its Molykote Separator Spray, an NSF H1-certified silicone release agent that aids in the removal of food products from machinery components. Molykote Separator Spray improves sliding on conveyor belts and can be used as a release agent, according to Dow Corning. The spray is transparent and has a service range from -40oC to +200oC.
+1 989 496 7881

Flint jars for hot foods
The O.BERK Co's flint Square Jars come with twist-off lug caps in two sizes: 12.5oz with a 63/2030 finish and 18oz with a 70/2030 finish. The jars are ideal for filling hot food products, the company says. The Square Jars offer numerous closures, as well as frosting, labelling and decorating options.
+1 908 851 9500
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