Neways Launches Neways TV

Neways International, the world's premier health-and-wellness company, recently launched Neways TV at

Neways TV is an online archive of short films about the company, its life-enhancing products, and the opportunity Neways provides for ordinary people to make extraordinary strides toward financial freedom.

"In many ways, Neways TV is like YouTube for Neways distributors and for those who are interested in quickly getting a feel for what we do," says Neways CEO Eric Larsen. "We're excited about this, and we invite people everywhere to check it out."

In particular, someone who isn't familiar with Neways may be interested in watching the video titled "Neways Healthy Homes" to learn about Neways' safety-conscious mission. For nearly two decades, Neways has been a pioneer in creating safer personal care and household cleaning products, free from potentially harmful ingredients.

Additionally, visitors will find other interesting, informative presentations on Neways TV. They can learn more about Neways' safety-conscious products and innovative product technologies. They can learn more about Neways itself by watching a brief overview of the company. They can learn more about earning extra money each month or having Neways pay for a new car.

Distributors around the world are embracing Neways TV. "Our U.K. distributors are very excited to see this tool," reports Paul Vanwynsberghe, managing director of Neways Europe. "The company plans to develop region-specific content for Neways TV in the coming months."

An exciting new tool for Neways' existing distributors, Neways TV is also a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the company and its products and business opportunity. Neways TV can be accessed at

About Neways
Founded in 1992, Neways is dedicated to helping families transform their homes into Healthy Homes. With dozens of safe, effective nutritional and personal care products that are free of questionable ingredients, the company strives to make the world a healthier place, one home at a time.

In addition to providing exclusive products, Neways enhances people's lives with a home-based business opportunity. Nearly 500,000 Neways distributors share the products in 29 countries, with annual revenues exceeding $600 million, almost half of which is paid back to distributors as commissions.

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