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Live from New Jersey, it?s Whole Foods
Christina Pirello, the Emeril Lagasse of healthy cooking, has teamed with Whole Foods Market for a new television show, Christina Cooks Live at Whole Foods Market.

The show teaches consumers simple ways to add organic and whole foods to their diet. Filmed before a live audience in the bulk foods aisle of the Whole Foods Market in Princeton, N.J., the show began airing this month on CN8 The Comcast Network in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast markets. Pirello, who won an Emmy for public television?s Christina Cooks, said this is the first TV cooking show to be taped live at a grocery store.

Pirello is also the author of numerous cookbooks, including Cooking the Whole Foods Way (Berkley Publishing Group, 1997).


Egg Aid rescue in California rice belt
Lundberg Family Farms rescues thousands of duck eggs from rice fields each year before spring planting begins. Farm crews, Wild Egg Salvage Program members and schoolchildren volunteer to gather the eggs that were laid in the purple vetch cover crop that was planted the previous fall.

About 100 elementary school kids helped gather wild duck eggs in a 10-acre field in Richvale, Calif., on April 21. They held on to a rope and rattled cans filled with rocks to scare mallards from their nests. The volunteers gathered the eggs, which were taken to a private facility where they will be incubated and hatched. After six weeks, the ducks will be banded and released into the wild.

The Lundbergs and the District 10 Wild Egg Salvage program have worked together since 1993, and each year the partnership returns more than 2,500 ducks to the wild.


Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXVI/number 6/p. 9

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