Natural Foods Merchandiser

NFM teams up with Nutrition Business Journal for our first-ever retailer survey

We asked. You answered! Here are the results of our first-ever retailer survey.

1) How do the following product attributes rank in order of their importance in your purchasing decisions?

2) Are there product categories that you'd like to expand? Are there product categories that you feel are problematic?

3) Which customer age range would you like to reach more effectively?

4) Do you have programs or initiatives designed to help consumers identify and compare healthy foods for children? For example, consumer classes on kids' nutrition or labels that highlight healthy kids' products?

5) Do you have programs or initiatives designed to help consumers learn about and identify products that address specific health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or Celiac disease? For example, consumer classes on maintaining a healthy diabetic diet or labels that highlight gluten free products?

6) What current actions are you taking at your store to help increase sales?

7) In this economy, how committed are your customers to organic product categories?

8) Which organic product categories in your store are being most impacted by the economy?

9) Approximately what percentage of your store's sales are private-label products (excluding fresh, unpackaged produce)?

10) How does your store's private-label sales revenue compare to this time a year ago?

11) What is the breakdown by category of the private label products in your store?

12) How do your store's inventory levels compare to a year ago?

13) Which categories do our survey respondents specify, recommend, authorize, purchase or have influence in purchasing?

14) How do respondents classify their stores?

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