NHIOnDemand Now Providing Separate Licensing for updated 2007 Drug/Dietary Supplement Interaction Database

Harleysville, PA (July 2007) NHIOnDemand, the global source for current Natural Health Information, today announced that it is providing separate licensing for its newly updated 2007 Drug/Dietary Supplement Interaction Database, the essential solution for internal AER’s compliance.

The Interaction Database contains over 5000 combinations of interactions between herbs and drugs, supplements and drugs, and herbs and supplements. All interactions listed in the database carry a rating based upon the amount of clinical evidence available. This is done in an effort to allow the user to quickly review possible conflicts between supplement use and current drug therapies.

The types of interactions detailed in the database include:

Potential/Theoretical interactions are based on pharmacology. These may have research to support them, but this research may not determine how these effects occurred.

Study Supported interactions are supported by animal, in vitro studies and human case studies that provide significant information regarding a specific interaction.

Clinically Proven interactions are those that are supported by significant research, and the results have been able to be duplicated.

The interaction database is fully searchable by generic drug name, drug category, or dietary supplement.

For more information on how the database works, please visit:



NHIOnDemand, a subsidiary of Ask Destiny Content Communications Group and The Natural Marketing Institute, is a global leader in providing current Natural Health Information/Databases for healthcare professionals, government agencies, manufacturers, researchers, retailers, trade and consumers. NHI's Integrative Medicine databases offer a variety of monographs and databases including Professional and Consumer Health Products, Traditional Chinese Medicine Database, and Dietary Supplement/Drug Interaction Database. For more information, visit the NHI website at: http://www.nhiondemand.com/.

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