NMI Expands Health, Wellness & Sustainability Services to Canada

Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), the international strategic consulting and market research firm focused on health, wellness and sustainability, announced today that it has expanded its multifaceted services to Canada.

NMI and Nielsen Expand Agreement

In early 2008, NMI and The Nielsen Company entered into an agreement for Nielsen to incorporate NMI’s proprietary segmentation model into its Homescan® Consumer Panel and Spectra BehaviorScape™ Framework in the United States, enabling both companies to quantify LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability) consumers’ attitudes, psychographics, and behavioural patterns into their actual purchase behaviour.

In October of 2008, NMI and The Nielsen Company of Canada entered into an agreement wherein Nielsen Canada will now utilize NMI’s LOHAS segmentation model in its Canadian Homescan® Panel allowing for the same analysis of Canadian consumers. Data from Nielsen Canada will be available in early 2009.

The relationship provides consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers with a better and enhanced understanding into the lucrative LOHAS market in Canada and the ability to make smarter “eco-decisions” about product development, positioning, pricing, communication and distribution to meet consumers’ needs in the expanding sustainability marketplace.

NMI to Field its LOHAS Consumer Trends Database™ Research in Canada

Capitalizing on their U.S, Asian and European studies of the LOHAS consumer and market, NMI is pleased to announce it will field a Canadian version of its LOHAS Consumer Trends Database™ survey. The survey will be conducted in both English and French and include a minimum of 1,000 general population adults 18+. NMI is accepting sponsors for the study which will field in April of 2009 with data and insights available in June 2009.

The Canadian study will quantify the size of the consumer base for environmentally responsible products and services; measure the importance of the environment, society and corporate social responsibility; explore environmentally conscious behaviour; determine consumer usage of LOHAS products and services; and quantify much more.

According to NMI Managing Partner Steve French, “Our expansion into Canada with our LOHAS study is a natural progression based on both client interest and the proliferation of green and sustainable products throughout the world. Our comparison of the Canadian market and consumer to our existing data will be an invaluable asset to both manufacturers and retailers.”

NMI Hires Canadian-Based Vice President

To help service its expanding Canadian client base, NMI has hired Jorge Santos as Vice President of Strategic Consulting, who will be based out of Ontario.

Prior to joining NMI, Jorge’s 30-year career was focused on marketing and new product development leadership roles. He served as Global Business Director at Accenture, Marketing Services in London where he was responsible for opening new markets and expanding existing markets. At MasterFoods (Mars) he served in numerous global roles including General Manager of the Iberia (Spain/Portugal) region, Regional Marketing Director in South Europe and Marketing Director in Canada. He also held domestic and international marketing and new business development roles at Uncle Ben’s and RJR Nabisco. Jorge earned a MBA from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto.

NMI is an international strategic consulting, market research, and business development company specializing in the health, wellness, and sustainable marketplace. For more information on NMI’s proprietary research reports and services, visit NMI’s web site at www.NMIsolutions.com.

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