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NMR Launches an Exciting New Product: Safety Monographs

Nutraceutical Medical Research, LLC (NMR), a nutraceutical-focused contract research organization, has announced an exciting new product they will add to its plethora of scientific and clinical research services: NMR Safety Monographs. The safety monograph is a highly detailed and thoroughly documented paper written about a proprietary product or ingredient.

The monograph will include:
- A summary of the active constituents
- Recommendations about safety based on scientific evidence
- New hypotheses and mechanisms of action
- Recommended research
- The most recent clinical supporting data and all ongoing clinical trials
- NMR’s Safety Monograph will highlight the most recent scientific studies on your product, its ingredients and active constituent

The Safety Monograph is provided as:
- 20 copies of the monograph complete with applicable tables, graphs and figures*
- 1 PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the monograph

* Additional reprints are available, basic charges applicable to bulk orders

NMR invites all interested nutraceutical, natural product, dietary supplement, cosmeceutical, ingredient and pharmaceutical companies to call or email for a quote and turn-around-time to receive and NMR Safety Monograph on their proprietary product(s) or ingredient(s).

NMR is a premiere contract research organization dedicated to substantiating product or ingredient claims and efficacy with scientific and clinical research for the nutraceutical, natural product and dietary supplement industries. NMR also provides medical writing services which include brochures, literature reviews and journal publication. Our goal is to partner with industry to help establish the efficacy and safety for their products using evidence-based approaches.

Contact NMR at 1-914-220-8325 or email [email protected].

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