Nordic Naturals Upholds “100% Natural” Standard with Regards to Flavoring and Vitamins in Their Fish Oil Supplementation

Watsonville, CA (October 30, 2007) Nordic Naturals, a leading supplier of fish oil supplements, maintains a strong “100% natural” position with regards to flavoring, levels of naturally occurring vitamins in cod liver oil and using only naturally sourced vitamins in condition specific fish oil-nutrient blends. The company does not add synthetic vitamins to any of its 100% Arctic cod liver oil or fish oil products.

According to Dr. Douglas MacKay, Research Advisor for Nordic Naturals, “Many consumers and practitioners have expressed concern over the use of synthetic additives contained in cod liver oil and fish oil products. This concern has developed as some cod liver oil products in the market do contain synthetic vitamins in order to standardize vitamin levels to an exact amount, as 100% natural cod liver oil has a range of the fat soluble Vitamins A and D that fluctuates seasonally.” If fish species other than Arctic Cod are used, it is necessary for synthetic Vitamin A to be added to standardize this mixed oil so it can be classified as a cod liver oil product.

Standards Used in Nordic Naturals Products
*Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver oil, which is made only from 100% Arctic Cod, and the company’s fish oils contain only their naturally occurring levels of vitamins.

*Nordic Naturals products, such as Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil and ProOmega-D, do contain added 100% natural Vitamin D3.. This is done to achieve 100% of the daily value of Vitamin D per serving. The Vitamin D3 used is 100% natural cholecalciferol extracted from lanolin.

*All Cod Liver Oil is tested to ensure that the levels of 100% naturally occurring Vitamins A and D fall within the range found on the label. This range is considered a safe and healthy amount of these vitamins.

*Natural Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract are used as anti-oxidants to optimize the stability of the oils.
*All flavored oil products use 100% natural flavoring. Protected by three patents, Nordic Naturals uses natural orange, lemon and strawberry flavors in both the oil and in the soft gel capsules.

*Nordic Naturals oils contain the natural triglyceride form of essential fatty acids for optimized absorption in all their products.

*Nordic Naturals does not use synthetic additives of any kind.

“Nordic Naturals is committed to providing the freshest, purest and technically advanced products that maintain a “100% natural” standard. Our goal is to supply consumers with an exceptional fish oil product that is guaranteed by research and validated by testing,” adds Dr. MacKay. “Practitioners and consumers alike are invited to review our website for more information.”

Nordic Naturals is the leader in Omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends with exceptional taste, freshness, and purity levels and has over 80 different fish oil products, including liquids, softgels, and children's chewables. For information, visit or call 800.662.2544.


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