Northern Lights Food Processing Launches Cranwise(TM) Cranberry Protein Flour

NEKOOSA, WI – Stephen Lukawski, President of Market-Wise Nutrition, LLC, USA has announced that Northern Light Food Processing has launched Cranwise™, a patented cranberry protein flour to its line of branded nutritional fruit-derived ingredients.

Both Market-Wise Nutrition, LLC and Stauber Performance Ingredients USA are sales, marketing and distribution companies for Northern Lights Food Processing’s Cranwise™ cranberry protein flour.

Tim Heeg, President of Northern Lights Food Processing, explains that Cranwise™ cranberry protein flour is produced by a patented cold extrusion and filtration process from seeds of the American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait) without enzymes or extraction solvents. The flour is a concentrated source of complete protein, potassium, calcium, insoluble fiber and oxygen-resistant essential fatty acids. “Cranwise™ cranberry protein flour offers taste, performance and consumer appeal for conventional, supplemental and various other nutritional applications,” Heeg describes.

The material provides a 25 percent complete protein source containing all branched-chain amino acids, phenolics, potassium and calcium. It is suitable for use in protein drink powders, dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages.

“The versatility of this nutritionally dense Cranwise™ cranberry protein flour is very attractive for manufacturers,” says Lukawski. “Plus it is supported by U.S. Patent # 6,391,345 and is made in a GMP facility with state-of-the-art processing and milling capabilities.”

The major benefit for consumers, he adds, is that food products and supplements containing Cranwise™ cranberry protein flour provides them with the whole goodness of cranberries, beyond just its antioxidant value.

About Northern Lights Food Processing
Northern Lights Food Processing, LLC is a GMP manufacturer and processor offering quality fruit ingredients. The company performs low-temperature drying, cold pressing, automated milling and blending of specialty fruit powders and oils in its state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse storage facility. NLFP utilizes proprietary low-temperature drying technology and unique cold-press proprietary technology for fruit oils, flours and cold pressed cranberry seed oil (Cranwise™ Omega Oil). The ingredients are produced with no chemicals, solvents, preservatives, sugars, flavorings, colors or enzymes. The unique cold pressed and cold filtered Cranberry Oil recently was recognized as “GRAS”

About Market-Wise Nutrition
Founded by Stephen Lukawski in 2000, Market-Wise Nutrition establishes alliances with ingredient producers to sell, market and distribute science-based and innovative natural ingredients for dietary supplements, food, beverages and cosmeceuticals that promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. Market-Wise Nutrition has established itself as a reputable supplier of science-based raw materials with a principal focus on consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and product efficacy. Market-Wise has successfully demonstrated its abilities in strategic planning, product development, research and marketing, resulting in an ongoing annual growth rate that keeps pace with the industry. Log onto

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