NP Nutra launches

NP Nutra launches

Company launched website in response to unprecedented demand for its popular AcaiVida product.

NP Nutra, a global manufacturer of nutraceutical ingredients, proudly announced the launch of a new website dedicated exclusively to its AcaiVida™ flagship product. was launched in direct response to unprecedented demand for further information about NP Nutra’s popular AcaiVida product. Marina Linsley, NP Nutra’s marketing director, said, “ is a fully self-contained Acai berry go-to site and replaces pages of brochures that we would normally send by email or post. It’s cleaner, greener and much more convenient for our customers.”

NP Nutra’s customers can now browse relevant, authoritative information on Acai berry growing and harvesting methods, as well as scientific studies, quality control protocols, manufacturing procedures and sustainability initiatives. “But it’s much more than a virtual brochure,” said Linsley. “Customers can also request samples and download product sheets directly from the site.”

AcaiVida is a new and improved Acai juice powder from the Acai fruit tree, the Amazon's "Tree of Life." AcaiVida offers exceptional solubility and reduced oil content, giving it a fresh, sweet taste and extended shelf life. AcaiVida is manufactured from wild harvested Acai berries grown mainly in the Para region of Brazil. AcaiVida is certified kosher and is GMO free.

New Acai Berry research shows promise in the healthy aging category with reduced incidence and/or delay of debilitative neurodegenerative decline in animal studies.

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