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NPA adds 127 new members since Fabricant's hire

NPA adds 127 new members since Fabricant's hire
Since returning to NPA in April, Fabricant has reinvigorated advocacy efforts, strengthened regulatory and scientific programs, and improved member outreach.

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has seen an increase in membership with 127 new members since it named Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., executive director and CEO.

"We have had a positive growth period since Dr. Fabricant started because of the recognition he’s garnered in the industry, his unbeatable expertise and his personal reputation of integrity,” said NPA President Roxanne Green. “He hit the floor running on his first day at NPA and has not—and will not—slow down."

NPA Supply Council Chair Jane Drinkwalter praised Fabricant’s high level of commitment to gaining 105 new supplier members for NPA. “Many manufacturers and supply chain members of the natural products industry are joining NPA to share in Dr. Fabricant’s passion, experience and wisdom,” Drinkwalter said. “It is an honor to have his strong and dedicated leadership.”

Fabricant returned to NPA after more than three years as the director of the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs at the FDA. Prior to that, he served NPA as vice president of Global Government and Scientific Affairs. Since returning, he has reinvigorated the association’s advocacy efforts, strengthened regulatory and scientific programs with the hiring of Corey Hilmas, M.D., Ph.D., to oversee those areas, and improved member outreach.

Over the last several months, Fabricant has also stressed his dedication to continuing to grow the association’s retail membership, the backbone of the organization. NPA Retail Council Chair Jon Fiume applauded Fabricant’s success in recruiting and keeping members.

“Since Dr. Fabricant’s return to NPA last April, I am extremely pleased to witness our growth in membership,” Fiume said. “He has been developing new relationships and rekindling past ones.”

All new members are printed in the quarterly NPA member newsletter, NPA NOW. New members will also be highlighted on NPA’s social media accounts and in future press releases.


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