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NPA sets standard for natural home care products

After 78 percent of people in a recent Braun Research study said there should be regulations for natural home care products, the Natural Product Association has come through. Yesterday, the NPA released a new seal and set of standards for detergents, household cleaners and hard surface cleaners, among others called the Natural Products Association Standard and Certification for Home Care Products.

"A number of products that are mainly synthetic are being positioned as natural. This leads to significant consumer confusion about the category and products people are choosing," said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at the NPA. "To provide the consumer peace of mind in the marketplace, the new natural standard for home care will inject integrity into natural for the person who matters most, the consumer.”

Lately, plenty of companies have been touting the clean ingredients of their cleaners including Clorox Greenworks and Seventh Generation who has been telling consumers that they “don’t have to hold their breath anymore” and “the five second rule no longer applies.” Even with the new NPA household cleaners label, I don’t know if I’d put a pacifier in a kid’s mouth after it fell on a kitchen floor scoured with an NPA-approved cleaner , but at least I’d know it wasn’t covered in harsh chemicals.

Products adorned with this seal have gone through a certification process to ensure the following:

  • Product must be made up of at least 95 percent truly natural ingredients or ingredients that are derived from natural sources, excluding water

  • Product doesn’t include ingredients with any suspected human health risks

  • Product has not undergone processes that significantly or adversely alter the natural ingredients

  • Product ingredients come from a purposeful, natural source (flora, fauna, mineral)

  • Manufacturing processes that are minimal and don't use synthetic/harsh chemicals

  • Product includes non-natural ingredients only when no viable natural alternative ingredients are available and only when there are absolutely no suspected potential human health risks

The NPA will start reviewing applications from manufacturers to become certified, so be sure to keep an eye out on your buy sheets for approved products soon.

Clorox Greenworks commercial

Seventh Generation commercial
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