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NPA welcomes 44 new retail, supply members

NPA welcomes 44 new retail, supply members
NPA has continued to track a rise in membership numbers since naming Dan Fabricant as executive director and CEO in April.

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has continued to track a rise in membership numbers since naming Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., as executive director and CEO in April.

“More members for NPA means a larger benefit to the industry, in the form of advocacy and education efforts as well as networking opportunities offered by our association,” Dr. Fabricant said. “We’ve had many new initiatives come out this year from NPA, which we’re only looking to increase in 2015, and we look forward to working with all new and current members as we advance the NPA mission of securing natural products for all. Every member has an equal voice—one member, one vote—bringing our diverse membership together to protect natural for current and future generations.”

The list of new members from September and October:

  • Archon Vitamin Corp.
  • Barksdale Organic Products LP
  • Betty Lou's Inc.
  • BioNeutra North America Inc.
  • CA Botana International
  • Candlewood Stars Inc.
  • Caprico USA LLC
  • Country Home & Health Store
  • Dinescu & Dinescu Organics
  • EcoNugenics Inc.
  • Gabriel Organics Inc.
  • Gluten Free By Beverly
  • Gmp Global Marketing Inc.
  • H2 for Life
  • Holistic Farmacy
  • Homeolab USA Inc.
  • Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.
  • Live Ultimate LLC
  • LiveLeaf Inc.
  • Marketing & Change LLC DBA Southwestern Cedar
  • Masta Corp.
  • Murphy's Health Foods
  • Natural Foods Market
  • Nature's Vitamin Spot
  • Pacific Naturals/
  • Pacific Power Brokerage
  • Package Solutions, LLC
  • Porzio, Bromberg & Newman PC
  • Pulver Packaging
  • Raw Elements LLC
  • SBE Farms Enterprises Inc.
  • Select Quality dba Assure Consulting
  • Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co. Ltd.
  • Sirio Pharma Co. Ltd.
  • Sisterna B.V.
  • Spring Life USA LLC
  • Stephanie Raffelock Inc.
  • SVB Consulting
  • Twinlab Corp.
  • Universal Nutrition
  • Wellements
  • Wellpod Collective LLC
  • Wellspring Custom Pharmacy
  • Zebra Organics LLC

All new members to NPA are printed in the quarterly member newsletter, NPA NOW. New members will also be highlighted on NPA’s social media accounts and in future press releases.


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