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NPIcenter's Business Information and Technology Exchange (Global Supply Marketplace, Booth 362)

NPIcenter's Business Information and Technology Exchange (Global Supply Marketplace, Booth 362) This exchange will feature scheduled presentations outlining promising technologies or applications of relevance. Each presentation will include a 30 minute informal presentation with Q and A. Come join us to see what's on the leading edge in platform and product concepts...... Friday March 9 2007, Noon

"Protexx HP(TM): Sterilization Comes Clean"
BI Nutraceuticals Speaker: Rupa Das, Vice President, Global Quality & Compliance
Breakthrough new sanitization technology for botanicals based on super-heated dry steam. For decades, treating raw botanicals with ethylene oxide and gamma irradiation has been the accepted method of sterilization. BI Nutraceuticals has found a better solution, an innovative sanitization technology based on super-heated dry steam, called Protexx(tm). Protexx(tm) steam was determined to be the best choice and viewed as optimum for its positive effect in micro reduction and in making the claim of "healthy and natural foods." Protexx(tm) steam, combined with BI's Identilok(r) process, stringent quality control and heavy metals and pesticide testing delivers unadulterated herbal powders that are not irradiated or chemically treated.
Friday March 9 2007, 2:pm
MenaQ7 Natural Vitamin K2 as menaquinione-7: Cardiovascular and Bone Health Benefits beyond K1
P.L. Thomas

Speaker: Eric Anderson, Brand Manager

MenaQ7 Natural Vitamin K2, a newly available dietary supplement, has demonstrated benefits in cardiovascular health that have not been shown with Vitamin K1. Laboratory experiments, population based studies and clinical trials have demonstrated that vitamin K2 is much more effective than K1 in preventing bone loss, and only K2 has been linked to arterial health. Recent research has shown that vitamin K2 can inhibit and even regress arterial calcification. MenaQ7 Natural Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is the only natural vitamin K supplement that is supported by human research. And MenaQ7 is the only supplementary form of vitamin K shown to provide optimal vitamin K status 24-hours per day at a single daily dose of 45 micrograms. Friday March 9 2007, 4:pm

" Introducing a technology platform for complex ingredients - a final solution with broad application, including Omega-3s"
Denomega GAT Speaker: Stefan Thueringer, Business Development & Marketing Manager The presentation will focus on GAT’s innovative micro-encapsulation technology that provides stabilization for sensitive active ingredients, including Denomega Nutritional Oils’ taste and odor free omega-3 oils. The proprietary technology enables food and beverage companies to incorporate a variety of active ingredients with minimal NPD efforts and without impacting the sensorial properties or shelf-lives of food and beverage applications. Saturday March 10 2007, 11am

A closer look at Cognizin™ Citicoline and the new science on brain health.
Speaker: Karen E. Todd R.D. , Director of Marketing Saturday March 10 2007, noon

New Dietary Supplement Product Opportunity: Technology to produce flavonoids with high bioavailability Speaker: Alister Muir & Peter Chang, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Saturday March 10 2007, 2:pm
How To Get The Goodness Of Fish Without The Taste Of Fish Speaker: Ian Lucas , Executive VP, Global Sales & Marketing

Microencapsulation technology enables the food industry to put fish oil based Omega-3 into a wide variety of foods without altering the taste, texture, or smell of the product.


Ocean Nutrition Canada’s Powder-loc™ microencapsulation technology is the only technology that uses a double shell protection process. Each oil droplet has its own protective shell and all the single shells are then grouped together, and protected, in a second shell. Its unique molecular construction locks in the health benefits of Omega-3 and locks out even the slightest hint of fishiness. The final ingredient is a free flowing, dry powder that has a consistency similar to flour.

Powder-loc™ is truly a breakthrough technology because it enables food companies to successfully put fish oil in food products without the taste or smell of fish. It has superior process tolerance characteristics when compared to any other form of micro-encapsulated fish oil ingredient. Additionally, this ingredient has double the nutritional density of Omega-3, compared to any competitive product, making it the most cost effective form of micro-encapsulated fish oil on the market.

Saturday March 10 2007, 4:pm

" Purity Beyond Expectations"
Speaker: Baldur Hjaltason, Sales Manager EPAX, a world leader in the production of marine-based Omega-3 oils, guarantees a product that exceeds all known purity requirements worldwide. Come to learn more about this companies uniqe purifcation technology that "raises the bar" by setting the highest purity standard in the industry. Also learn what other factors come into play regarding the quality and purity of Omega-3 oils that go beyond only measuring for pollutants. Baldur will also discuss why an ultra-pure oil is important for your customers health -- and to the health of your sales!
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