NutraGenesis Launches Certified Organic MasterFlavor(TM) Black Perigord Truffle Powder

BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT The Perigord truffle is coveted for its reputation as a gourmet delicacy. It is also a powerhouse flavor enhancer, magnifying the complexities of all types of foods in both sweet and savory applications. Use of this highly valued truffle was previously limited by supply, high cost and freshness.

MasterFlavor™ Truffle is grown using a proprietary process that satisfies the demand for this ultra-premium truffle by producing a powder which is DNA certified authentic Black Perigord truffle. Use of this highly valued truffle was previously limited by supply, high cost and freshness. MasterFlavor™ Truffle is the first and only proprietary “concentrated truffle powder”, hydroponically grown under certified organic, controlled conditions to ensure its consistent yet versatile utility. Unlike traditional cultivated black truffle which is only available seasonally in whole truffle or pieces, MasterFlavor™ Truffle is a dry powder whose potency is significantly enhanced by finely milling the powder to expand the interactive surface area. The result is Perigord truffle powder of superior value and versatility which is concentrated, easy to use, shelf-stable, certified organic and at a fraction of the cost of fresh truffle.

“While there are many different types of truffles, only a select few are prized for their gastronomic value. The king of all truffles is the Perigord or black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum), prestigiously known as the “black diamond of Provence” says NutraGenesis President Suzanne McNeary.” “NutraGenesis is pleased to be able to offer a high quality, certified organic, shelf stable Perigord truffle product to the marketplace so that more and more people can enjoy this remarkable mushroom delicacy and we are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we are receiving from research chefs, restaurants, food manufacturers and consumers alike” continues McNeary.

NutraGenesis is offering MasterFlavor™ Truffle in powder, as well as Truffle pieces, both of which are available in different packaging sizes based on volume needs.

About NutraGenesis
Located In the Connecticut River valley area of Southern Vermont, NutraGenesis is a diversified nutraceutical and specialty food product marketing company dedicated to the development and commercialization of proprietary, scientifically research health-promoting ingredients and culinary specialties.

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