Nutricosmetic sector: Q&A about prominent European brand Inneov

Inneov Nutricosmetics, a partnership between Nestlé and L'Oreal, has been active in the segment in Europe and has recently launched a new anti-ageing skin supplement there called Inneov Fermete, which features active ingredients lycopene, vitamin C and isoflavones. Jennifer McCord of Functional Ingredients spoke with Virginie Oustric, assistant to Inneov chief Patricia Manissier.

FI: How is Inneov Fermete doing is US sales?

VO: Inneov brand have not been launched in the US. Same for Inneov Fermete.

FI: Do you view the US as an up-in-coming market for Inneov?

VO: The US is an important market for dietary supplements and for also beauty products. Americans are also becoming more aware of the fact that their nutrition has an impact on their beauty. It is an upcoming trend that can become stronger in the future.

FI: Has the pill as a delivery system been a success for you?

VO: Yes, because pills convey a high perception of efficacy for consumers in Europe and because we pay a lot of attention to their coating (color, taste, ability to dissolve quickly) and size.

The feed-back we receive from consumers is very good and we now have quite a lot of very loyal consumers.

FI: Would you consider another form of delivery (beverage, food)?

VO: We have already marketed "drinkable powders" in Europe under Inneov Cellulite. For each project we are looking at the best form of delivery to ensure the maximum efficacy while staying in an affordable range of prices.

FI: From my understanding Inneov Fermete is sold at pharmacies in France and is only available on-line in the US. Do you feel that pharmacies are a more successful way to sell your product?

VO: Inneov is not officially available on line in the US. Products available on-line in the US are sold by unauthorized sellers.

FI: Are there plans to sell Inneov in pharmacies in the US?

VO: If we were to launch Inneov in the US, pharmacies would be a channel to be considered as it works well for Inneov in other countries.

FI: Have you been approached to speak about Inneov's brands at industry conferences?

VO: Yes, we're frequently asked to participate to conferences during scientific congresses to expose our most advanced products.

For example our researchers have been invited to participate to official academic sessions of the next World Congress of Dermatology which will take place in Seoul in May 2011.

The quality of our research studies allows us to be proud to present our success pillars: constant collaboration with leaders in dermatology and nutrition — inside and outside the company, plus our ability to develop very efficient and modern products — selecting the most interesting and safe and natural active ingredients to answer the needs of more and more demanding consumers.

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