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Nutrition Capital Network news: Beyond Meat attracts obvious investment

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The Obvious Corporation (San Francisco, Calif.), the re-launched company that incubated Twitter before it was spun out, has invested in Beyond Meat (formerly Savage River Inc., Cumberland, Md.), a developer of plant-based meat substitutes. Professors from the University of Missouri created the technology to produce more convincing meat alternatives, subsequently licensed to the founder of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown. The company’s first product was Veggie Chicken Strips, which contain no saturated or transfats, cholesterol, gluten, antibiotics or GMOs.

Announcing the investment, Biz Stone, co–founder and chief creative officer of The Obvious Corporation, wrote: “Aside from the fact that the products are healthy, sustainable, kind, and delicious, we are involved because with one company we have an impact on climate change, resource scarcity, human health, animal welfare, and more.” Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers is also an investor.

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