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Nutrition Capital Network news: Wellness Center USA Buys Brain Health Company

Nutrition Capital Network facilitates financing and asset sales for growing companies and introduces investors to the next generation of successful brands &amp; technology in the nutrition and health &amp; wellness industries. Below is news from August.


Publicly traded Wellness Center USA Inc. (Schaumburg, Ill.), a healthcare and supplement company, announced that it has completed the acquisition of CNS-Wellness LLC (Tampa, Fla.). The cognitive neuroscience company specializes in the treatment of brain-based behavioral health disorders without the use of drugs. CNS has developed a real-time brain mapping assessment and treatment system for disorders ranging from anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder to developmental disabilities and conditions such as AH/HD and epilepsy. Interventions include stimulation and interactive EEG-based feedback software to retrain the brain. The two companies expect to establish clinical practice facilities nationwide beginning Q4 2012. The acquisition was made through a share exchange transaction. Another Wellness Center business is aminofactory.com, an online market place for amino acid based nutritional supplements. 


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