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OceanGrown(TM) International Surfaces as Next Generation Lifestyle Brand in Direct Sales Industry

Salt Lake City— October 25, 2007 — Emerging from Utah, the stronghold of the direct sales/network marketing industry, OceanGrown International (OGI) introduces itself as the company and brand to carry the business model forward. OGI provides distinct natural products based on the ocean’s offering of algae, oils (EPA/DHA), seaweed, kelp, moss, sea salts calcium, coral and others through a unique fusion of retail and direct sales.

The young executive team, formerly with other multi-million dollar supplement companies realizes the direct sales industry can no longer sustain itself on recruiting only, but must build a committed consumer base and offer competitively priced products with established research. “OGI represents the way a direct sales company should operate,” said Kerry Brown, OGI President. “We market the finest ocean-based natural products designed for retail, but sold direct to keep consumers on the go.” According to founding partner and vice president Travis Martin, OGI’s product lines will be sold via independent representatives due to the educational power of word-of-mouth marketing and ease of purchase the direct sales model affords.

OAVE™ (oh – ahv) is the initial OGI brand offering, a skincare line designed to protect, nourish and build the body’s largest organ. The proprietary blend unites, Astaxanthin, Icelandic Moss and Irish Seaweed. OGI has partnered with Kona, Hawaii based Cyanotech Corporation to source Astaxanthin (haematacoccus pluviialis), an algae or carotenoid known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Astaxanthin is found in foods such as salmon, lobster and shrimp.

“We are pleased to have OceanGrown™ International share BioAstin® Natural Astaxanthin with its numerous documented health benefits based on our constant investment in clinical research and scientific study,” said Dr. Gerald R. Cysewski, PhD, Cyanotech CEO. “Cyanotech has the greatest wealth of scientific knowledge and production experience of any microalgae company in the world, and the power of OceanGrown’s grassroots network will allow the BioAstin® story to be effectively shared in a crowded marketplace.”

OceanGrown International will continue to build product lines based on the ocean’s powerful offerings. Going back to where life began, OGI respects the purity and beauty of our oceans, continuing to evolve and replenish the human spirit. As the company was founded on the belief that the planet can offer beneficial natural resources, OGI promotes sustainability and preservation. The company will be environmentally conscious from the start and not use the green movement as a marketing strategy to attract customers and build profits.

Based in the US, OceanGrown will expand internationally and break the current of life’s apathy through a fresh, enlivening company and brand.


About OceanGrown™ International

OceanGrown™ International (OGI), is a new lifestyle company offering distinct health products based from the ocean’s powerful offering of algae, oils (EPA/DHA), seaweed, kelp, moss, sea salts, calcium, coral and other actives. Through proper nutrition, complete skin care and a committed approach to weight management, OGI seeks to redefine the aging process. Fusing retail and direct sales business models, OGI representatives are encouraged to promote healthy activity, sustainability and preservation. For more information on OGI, its ocean derived products and “active aging”, please visit .

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