Natural Foods Merchandiser

October 2002 Promotional Ideas

Monthly Themes
Vegetarian Awareness Month
Cookie Month
Dental Hygiene Month
Depression Education and Awareness Month
Health Literacy Month
Liver Awareness Month
Seafood Month

Weekly Themes
Oct. 1-5—No Salt Week
Oct. 1-7—Skin Care Awareness Week
Oct. 6-12—Chili Week
Oct. 14-20—Health Education Week
Oct. 20-26—Massage Therapy Awareness Week
Oct. 20-26—Save Your Back Week
Oct. 21-29—Rainforest Week

Daily Themes
Oct. 1—World Vegetarian Day
Oct. 2—World Farm Animals Day
Oct. 7—Child Health Day
Oct. 11—World Egg Day
Oct. 16—World Food Day
Oct. 26—Make a Difference Day

Tip: Create a vegetarian awareness display featuring books and tips on how to eat healthy without meat. Highlight vegetarian-friendly foods.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIII/number 8/p. 52

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