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Organics logo designed to educate consumers

Reasoning that the more people know about the science behind organic agriculture, the more likely they?ll be to buy organic food, the Organic Center for Research and Education has developed a logo and tagline that currently appears on 1.5 million products sold in natural foods stores.

The tagline varies depending on the product but is designed to encourage consumers to learn more about scientific studies on organics by visiting the Organic Center?s Web site.

?It?s part of our consumer outreach and education campaign,? said Organic Center Chief Executive R. Mark Davis. ?If we bolster the organic food sector?s credibility with hard science, that can deepen and expand the market for organic products.?

The nonprofit organization tracks, funds and disseminates the latest scientific research about organic food.

The center?s goal is to have the logo on 50 million organic product labels by the end of 2006.

Currently, only Pet Promise pet food, Traditional Medicinals teas and New Chapter supplements carry the logo, but Davis said the Center is in discussions with Organic Valley, White Wave Foods, Stonyfield Farm and United Natural Foods? private label organic products.

?We think having the logo on their products will have a halo effect—if consumers can find out about the science behind organics through a particular product, they?ll be loyal to that product,? he said.

Susan Backer, director of marketing for Traditional Medicinals, said her company began carrying the logo on the inside flap of its organic tea boxes several months ago, and it?s too early to judge consumer response. But, she said, ?To us, it?s a really great marriage because we?re all trying to promote organics.?

Companies can also display a logo with the tagline, ?A percentage of each purchase supports the Organic Center. For more information, visit New Chapter, for example, donates $10,000 a year to the center through the logo, Davis said.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXVI/number 9/p. 15

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