Organics Unlimited, Chiquita ink agreement

Organics Unlimited, Chiquita ink agreement

Deal lets Organics Unlimited expand its U.S. distribution of organic bananas from Mexico and Ecuador.

Chiquita Brands and Organics Unlimited have formed an agreement to supply organic bananas to the U.S. market under the Chiquita® label. This agreement for Organics Unlimited is an expansion of its distribution in the U.S. with organic bananas from Mexico and Ecuador.

The new partnership includes training in both Mexico and Guatemala to synchronize the systems of each company for the organic banana program. All bananas under this agreement will be sold in the U.S. under the Chiquita Organic label, with an emphasis on quality and packaging to meet or surpass the current standards Chiquita has with its retail customers.

Organics Unlimited will continue to supply the U.S. and Canadian markets with organic bananas under the Organics Unlimited label, GROW label, and Fair Trade label. The company has expanded growing operations in the past five years, increasing the available supply of year round organic bananas, plantains, red bananas and coconuts.


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