Organix-South Purchases Organic Farm to Meet Expansion Needs

Bowling Green, Florida (May 15, 2007) Organix-South, manufacturer of herbal body care products and herbal supplements under the brand names TheraNeem and TheraVeda, announced today their partnership with Nisarga Biotech, an India based company that produces high quality, organic supercritical extracts. Together, the two companies purchased the Umbari Organic Farm, located a few hours east of Bombay, which received the prestigious EcoCert certification last winter. Autumn Blum, CEO/Founder of Organix-South, visited the farm in March to participate in the first organic turmeric harvest. “Although we can’t grow all the herbs in this location, we are already cultivating 18 of the ones that we use in our innovative formulas from the Thera Veda line,” announced Autumn. “Given the company’s rate of growth, our move to vertically integrate is an important one giving us a strong advantage in the marketplace.”

Organix-South has always made it a priority to know exactly where their raw materials have been sourced. Adds Autumn, “Many companies and manufacturers think they know where their herbs come from, when in reality, they buy from a broker who buys from a broker at a farmer’s market someplace very distant and with little accountability. We are proud to know our sources from seed to shelf.” No toxic chemicals, GMOs, fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides are used on the land or ever touch the herbs. Some of the plants being grown include turmeric, ginger, bacopa and holy basil.

The farm is part of a larger farming community in India, completely surrounded by other organic, fair trade farms. The farm represents a sustainable future for more than forty families, offering sustainable living wages, access to clean water, education for the children and opportunities for health care. “The community involvement is an alliance instead of the colonial feudalism model of share-cropping. We are proud to be a part of the fair trade economy, improving the soil, air quality and contributing to the local community’s economic prosperity.”

Again to accommodate expansion, the company moved to new headquarters incorporating manufacturing facility and warehouse in Hardee County, Florida located about one hour inland from Sarasota. The company expects to double production to accommodate increasing orders over the next two years.

Organix-South, Inc. specializes in organic NEEM and Ayurvedic supercritical extracts that address a growing need for natural, therapeutic skin care and supplementation. The company offers the most complete line of NEEM products available, including Neem Leaf capsules and extracts, oral care, shampoo, conditioner, nail treatment, facial mask, bar soap, skin care, pet products and more. Organix-South is also proud to offer the only supercritical whole herb extract line in completely vegan formulas. Within the next 12 months, the formulas are expected to receive organic certification. Products are available at health food stores, pharmacies, yoga studios and other fine outlets. For more information, see or call 888.989.NEEM.


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