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Over 350 Products Now Carry BENEO-Orafti's BENEO™ Label Worldwide

BENEO-Orafti's BENEO™ Program, initially a European led initiative, has proven so popular that it now includes over 350 products in more than 30 countries.

With the easy integration of Orafti® inulin and oligofructose into almost all food and beverage applications, the program now includes a wide variety of products in markets from Malaysia to Brazil.

A joint initiative between food manufacturers and BENEO-Orafti, the BENEO™ program is designed to inform consumers of the prebiotic health benefits of Orafti® inulin and oligofructose ingredients through the use of one simple label identifier denoting its presence at the level necessary to provide scientifically-proven nutritional benefits.

Dairy trends
A wide range of products carrying the BENEO™ label have been launched over the past six months in the diary aisle in particular. Functional dairy-based foods and beverages are becoming increasingly popular in markets across the board, with half of the new products in the BENEO™ program consisting of yogurt, ice-cream or milk-based drinks formulated with Orafti® inulin and oligofructose.

New to market
Among the recently launched products carrying the BENEO™ label on their packaging are a yogurt from Slovenia that contains BENEO™ for stronger bones called LCA zelene doline, and a fruit juice by a Coca-Cola-owned company called Fresh&Co in Serbia. The latter, called neXt Bodytime PreBiotic, features a prebiotic claim on-pack: 'to help support your body's digestive wellbeing.' Additional products are currently being tested, and the coming year looks to be one of significant growth.

Award winning products
A Spanish magazine, Mucha Vida, recently polled its readers to find out which of 150 products they rated as the best within five categories:
healthy food products, dietetic food products, organic food products, healthy drinks and organic drinks. The awards have been announced and two products that carry the BENEO™ label have been voted winners in the Food and Drink categories. The winners can now carry the 'Mucha Vida Award winners'
message on all future products.

A leading producer of biscuits in Spain, Gullón, was one of the two winners in the Healthy Foods category with its Active Soja biscuits. The biscuits are not only enriched with soy bean seeds and soy protein, but also include Orafti® ingredients for optimum digestive health. In the healthy drinks category, Clesa's Activ Bifidus range of fermented, skimmed milk drinks was also a winner. Both products contain Orafti® ingredients and make the most of BENEO-Orafti's scientifically proven health claims to market their products to consumers.

New products carrying the BENEO™ label include:

NutriCare, chocolate mousse, pasta sauces, soups - ready meals and desserts St Dalmai, Pernil al horno – sliced ham Laboratorios Inibsa, Apikids – children's food supplement Helados CASTY, Cones: vanilla flavor, Sandwich:
cream flavor with biscuit,

Luxus: vanilla flavor with milk chocolate topping – a range of ice cream products without added sugar

Glaxo Smith Kline, Abtei – natural food supplement

Marguerite, Passion –yogurt drink product

Xcelife Pharma Sdn. Bhd., Janipro A+ – men's fitness food supplement

Pulsin' – snack bars

Pregel – new mango topping

Palmira, Yoort – yogurt product

Candia, Silhouette – yogurt product

Sole-Mizo, Sole Update Milk 1+1 and ProBalance Milk 1+1 – milk products

Orvita AG, BenVita - cookies

Tim Van der Schraelen, Marketing and Communications Manager at BENEO- Orafti, comments, "We are constantly busy extending the BENEO™ program's reach still further. At present, information concerning the program is available in 13 languages on our website, and work is under way to increase this even more. With our vast knowledge and understanding of consumers and the functional market, we are well placed to guide partners in improving existing products or creating new ones. One key is the fact that the products comply with the guidelines established by the BENEO™ Scientific Committee (independent scientific experts in health and nutrition), which brings independent scientific credibility to the label.
BENEO-Orafti provides partners with clear market and scientific insight with which to build their product portfolios."

A decade of research:BENEO-Orafti's 2008 consumer insight study is the 15th piece of consumer research commissioned by the company over the past decade.
BENEO-Orafti's consumer studies currently span 4 continents and 14 different countries, and have been carried out both quantatively and qualitatively.
This, coupled with scientific knowledge, has allowed BENEO- Orafti to develop a key strength in the translation of science into consumer friendly language which has the ability to successfully market functional products.

About BENEO-Orafti
BENEO-Orafti is part of the BENEO-Group, a division of the Südzucker Group that specializes in functional ingredients. BENEO-Orafti is a world leader in the production and sale of food ingredients derived from chicory. The company's Orafti® inulin and oligofructose products have been scientifically proven to improve the balance of the body's intestinal flora by stimulating its own beneficial bifidobacteria, helping the body to absorb more essential nutrients, such as calcium, from the diet.

Orafti® ingredients can be the basis for well-balanced food products that improve digestive health and the feeling of well-being. With a head office in Tienen, Belgium, BENEO-Orafti operates in more than 75 countries and has production units in Oreye (Belgium) and Pemuco (Chile).

For further business information, please contact:
[email protected]

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