Packaging meets innovation in the naturals industry

Packaging meets innovation in the naturals industry

With environmental concerns at an all-time high, eco-friendly packaging is experiencing tremendous innovation. Manufacturers are using thinner plastic, compostable wrappers and containers and corn in place of Styrofoam. In 2007, Walmart revolutionized liquid laundry detergent packaging when it announced it would only sell concentrated formulas in 32 ounce or less bottles, resulting in millions of saved pounds of plastic and a new standard in packaging. Another innovator is Rainbow Light which in 2009 became the first supplements manufacturer to package its products in 100 percent post consumer plastic with labels made from renewable plant sources.

There is a growing debate about which packaging materials are the most eco-friendly. Glass is increasingly under fire because it takes more energy to produce than plastic, is heavier when it comes to shipping and creates more global warming gases. Others point out that plastic, though, can leach chemicals like bisphenol A into food products.

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