Patented Drying Technology Assures Low Temperature Heat Transfer At the Speed of Light

Tacoma, Washington – December 11, 2007 – MCD Technologies, Inc. announces global availability of dryers and evaporators that utilize their patented Refractance Window® technology. The custom-designed equipment enables products to be dried at low temperatures (140° to 160°F / 60° to 71°C or less), assuring superior retention of nutrients, colors, flavors and aromas of even delicate, heat sensitive products. The innovative technology facilitates a broad range of scientifically validated applications for functional foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.

The patented process allows infrared energy to pass at the speed of light directly into a liquid slurry of the product to be dried. Infrared and conducted heat energy evaporate moisture. Low or no additives are used to dry the product, resulting in superior product qualities.

Along with reduced energy and water use, Refractance Window® drying also preserves air quality in and around the drying facility because little essence is lost. In addition, the process does not generate exhaust dust, a significant pollution problem worldwide. Environmentally-responsible. Energy-efficient. Cost-saving = increased profits.

Certified Organic and Kosher contract drying and evaporating services are also available at the company’s facilities.

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