PAVA-Export LLC to be Represented in South Korea

PAVA-Export LLC (a daughter company of PAVA, leading grain processing company in Russia) is pleased to announce the appointment of the company’s representative for the South Korean market. Business activity is carried out in several directions, including introduction and marketing of sold by weight flour, manufactured by PAVA. Moreover, PAVA-Export aims at launching a joint venture in South Korea. This enterprise will allow in a relatively short period to increase import volume of PAVA’s products to Korea.

“We decided to appoint a representative in South Korea after a detailed study of Korean domestic market situation. It took time, though. We have carefully studied local peculiarities of flour and other grain-processing products consumption, alongside with market potential capacity and a lot more. We are setting significant challenges regarding tapping of Korean market, and, undoubtedly, we will solve them together with Barnaul office and Korean representative,” as Alyona Krasikova, PAVA-Export Managing director comments.

To remind, grain-processing company PAVA, in which PAVA-Export LLC is associated, currently offers its partners products under six trademarks: Altay-Batushka, PAVA, Khleb Altaya, Zhitnitsa, Achinka and Premium. However, PAVA does consider a possibility of a new trademark, designed specially for South Korean market.

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