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Phosphotech and Enzymotec Sign a Marketing Agreement to Target the Nutraceutical Market in France

The Israeli biofunctional ingredients producer, Enzymotec announced a business collaboration with French company Phosphotech, who specialize in natural ingredients for human and animal health, and will distribute Enzymotec's phosphatidylserine (PS) based products under the Sharp® trade mark.

"We expect that the collaboration with Phosphotech will enable us to deepen our penetration into the French market which is one of leading nutraceutical markets in Europe .The collaboration will cover our proprietary phospholipids based line of cognitive solutions under the brand name Sharp®. The French nutraceuticals brands have a very strong presence in other European countries and we expect that working closely with leading French companies will further expand our market share in the European market ", says Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman, Enzymotec's Europe director of sales and marketing.

Phosphotech is developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative range of a phospholipid range including Phosphatidylcholine grafted with DHA under the Phosphomins™ trade mark. Distribution by PhoshoTech of phosphatidylserine (PS) based products from Enzymotec will complete the actual range of ingredient to provide a competitive and innovative ingredients for nutraceutical and food formulation. Among the PS range, PS conjugated with DHA has been developed to support better brain activities. PS-DHA has been shown to enhance concentration, memory and cognitive capacities.

PhosphoTech manufactures, distributes and markets innovative ingredients for food, nutraceuticals, animal and human health. Its range of natural ingredients includes lipid based products, extracts and powders from marine and vegetal sources, which are offered in bulk or as soft gel capsules, capsules and pills.

Enzymotec is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, lipid-based biofunctional ingredients for dietary supplements, orthomolecular medicine and advanced infant nutrition. Key products are: SharpPS® line of products- phosphatidylserine based ingredients for cognitive improvement, InFat® - structured fat for infant formulas, Krill Oil+™ , Crill™ and CardiaBeat®.

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