P.L. Thomas and Polifenoles Naturales, S.A. Announce Strategic Alliance

Morristown, NJ--June 9, 2006 -- Polifenoles Naturales, S.L. (POLINAT) European Research of Natural Products Center and producer of standardized fruit and botanical extracts and P. L. Thomas (PLT), a leading supplier of bulk food and nutraceutical ingredients, announced a strategic alliance to develop and market unique ingredients for the nutraceuticals, food and beverage markets.

According to Dr. Miguel Jimenez, president of Polinat SL: "The collaboration with PLT not only acknowledges our long-standing and solid working relationship, but also formalizes the strategic decision to work cooperatively toward advanced ingredient offerings, branded products and full-scale marketing and promotion.

POLINAT, based in Las Palmas (Canary Islands) Spain, specializes in the research and development, identification of raw materials, and the production of ingredients with therapeutic benefits. The facility is complete with sophisticated R&D and quality control laboratories, a state-of-the-art extraction unit, and production facilities.

Paul Flowerman, president of PLT stated: "PLT is proud to work together with POLINAT SL, a company with a commitment to innovation, dedication to research and development, along with standard of maintaining the highest level of quality control methodology, thus assuring a superior and safe product."

Currently PLT markets a wide range of Polinat's fruit extracts including Pomegranate P40p™ (P40p™). P40p™ is a unique pomegranate fruit extract standardized to a full spectrum the essential compounds found in the premier pomegranate juice. It is carrier free, kosher certified, and instantly soluble in water. Some of the other fruit extracts include: "Appol"™, Plum (Prune), Grape leaves, White Cherry, Blueberry, Granatoil™-pomegranate seed oil.

P.L. Thomas, a New Jersey-based ingredient supplier, offers more than fifty years of innovation in securing reliable, high quality raw materials for the food/functional food and nutrition industries. PLT is a one-stop resource for application solutions, current industry information and technical service, and specializes in water-soluble gums, natural flavors, botanical extracts, nano-encapsulation technologies and clinically-supported branded ingredients.

For more information, please contact Paula Nurnberger at 973-984-0900, x214 or email [email protected].

Visit us on the web at www.plthomas.com

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