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PLT launches Lipowheat - natural ceramides

Lipowheat™ natural ceramides, clinically proven to hydrate skin, fight against signs of aging and leave skin soft and supple.

Lipowheat™ restores skin barrier function ensuring a healthy hydration mechanism. Our skin is the largest organ of the body; it covers the entire surface and protects internal organs from harmful irritants and potentially pathogenic organisms. The stratum corneum is the corneal layer composed of keratinized, fused, flat cells that are bound together by lipids. Among these lipids, cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides (sphingolipids) each found in intercellular cement and squalene found in the hydrophilic film, play a major role in the skin.

Ceramides are very important in skin hydration and represent 35 to 40% of intercellular cement.

They ensure cell cohesion and act on cell proliferation and differentiation. There is an obvious correlation between the composition of skin lipids and skin dryness, and ceramides play a major role in this relationship.

The composition of the stratum corneum changes with age and with the seasons. Scientists have linked decreases in skin lipid concentration to winter weather and the aging process.

These modifications lead to dry skin and to all the commonly observed associated signs such as squames, itching, roughness.

P.L.Thomas offers ceramides from vegetable origin which can restore skin barrier functions, thus ensuring healthy hydration and the softness and wellness of the skin.

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