ProTargetTM - Intelligent Probiotic Delivery

Danish company Bifodan A/S, specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative probiotic solutions, introduces a patented enteric coating; ProTargetTM, designed for probiotic capsules.

It is well known that many probiotic strains, by nature, are sensitive to gastric acid and some may not survive the passage through the stomach in adequate numbers to have a positive impact on the gastrointestinal system.

An independent study and recent in-vitro trials have demonstrated that ProTargetTM complies with the US pharmacopoeia for gastro resistant capsules. ProTargetTM provides significant protection of the probiotics from simulated gastric acid and assures delivery end release of high numbers of viable probiotics at an intestinal pH level.

“The development process of ProTargetTM has been quite extensive and has required significant resources in order to optimize the coating for use with the very sensitive probiotic organisms” explains Director Research & Development, Erik Brandsborg. Fortunately, our efforts have not been in vain as we have ended up with a patented coating system that effectively secures targeted delivery and release of viable probiotics in the intestines – right where they are needed”.

"We see a great potential in applying ProTargetTM on probiotic capsules to enhance product efficacy by securing a much more powerfull intestinal colonisation with live probiotics. This is a perquisite for positively impacting the gastrointestinal system" explains Business Development Manager, Niels Peter Bak. “Another major benefit of ProTargetTM is that the coating is based on ingredients that are approved for food supplements use in the EU, so a significant number of probiotic capsules, currently on the market, can benefit from ProTargetTM."

To learn more, please visit our website or visit our stand #1082 at Vitafoods, May 18 – 20, Palexpo - Geneva

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