PureCircle Announces PepsiCo's Continuing Expansion of Stevia Sweetened Beverages with New Launches in Canada

PureCircle announces that PepsiCo continued the much anticipated international rollout of stevia sweetened products with a first to market launch of Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal, unveiled by PepsiCo in Canada as the nation’s first low-calorie vitamin-enhanced water to feature a pure stevia extract, all-natural sweetener.

“We are extremely proud to be the first and only nationally available beverage in the country to feature PureVia™ as a zero-calorie, natural sweetener,” said Stacy Reichert, president, PepsiCo Beverages Canada. “Consumers have long anticipated a zero calorie natural sweetener and are seeking healthier beverage choices. Our hydration portfolio, including Aquafina Plus+™ vitamin-enhanced water, has seen explosive growth in Canada, and the Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal brand is going to further that leadership position. Being the first to offer a great-tasting, low-calorie option with a natural sweetener is a big deal, and we are excited about sharing it with health-conscious Canadians.”

Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal beverages are available in three new and unique flavors - Black and Blue Berry, Acai Fruit Punch, and Tropical Cherimoya - at a suggested retail price of $1.89-$1.99 for a 591 ml. bottle.

Peter Milsted, PureCircle executive sales and marketing director said:

“Increasing consumer taste approval of stevia sweetened products is making it easier for global brands to lead the way. Canada is an important food and beverage market and marks yet another step forward in global rollout of stevia sweetened products. Tabletop has already achieved record levels of penetration in the U.S. since GRAS in December. We expect to be able announce more launch announcements to follow in major markets.”

About PureCircle
PureCircle is a pioneer in the extraction of natural goodness from plants and the world’s leading producer of high-purity Rebaudioside A (Reb A), with a vertically integrated supply chain operating in three continents. PureCircle markets a range of natural, high-intensity sweeteners internationally. Activities range from sourcing of dry stevia leaves and extraction, refining of crude extracts into sweeteners and marketing of these sweeteners to food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. PureCircle is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market with the ticker symbol: LSE.PURE. For more information, visit www.purecircle.com.

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