PureCircle secures patent on natural flavor

PureCircle secures patent on natural flavor

PureCircle’s patent portfolio covers all aspects of the company's manufacturing process, as well as various modes of NSF-02 uses in key food and beverage categories.

PureCircle, the world's leading producer and marketer of high purity stevia products, announces it has reached a new milestone in securing a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio for its new natural flavor NSF-02. The patent portfolio, which includes numerous granted and patent-pending applications with international reach, is aimed to ensure its partners’ exclusive access to this promising ingredient.

PureCircle’s comprehensive patent portfolio covers all aspects of the company's highly proprietary manufacturing process, as well as various modes of NSF-02 uses in virtually any key food and beverage category. PureCircle scientists discovered that NSF-02 can be used at particular concentrations to provide significantly enhanced flavor and sweetness profiles that deliver a more rounded, sugar-like taste. Synergistic effects with a number of commercial sweeteners were obtained with NSF-02, making it ideal for use across broad categories of food and beverage products.

PureCircle announced the launch of NSF-02 last year, for use within North America, Latin America and Europe. NSF-02 has been developed specifically to work well in combination with PureCircle’s high purity stevia sweeteners, including Reb A, SG-95 and PureCircle Alpha, as well as sugar or high fructose corn syrup, enhancing the flavor, sweetness and taste of food and beverages.

Commenting on the latest developments, Jason Hecker, Vice President of Global Marketing and Innovation for PureCircle Limited said, “In the past year, PureCircle Flavors have helped some of the world’s leading brands improve the taste, calorie footprint, and cost of their products. Our customers look to us to provide unique solutions, as we have done with NSF-02. Our strong suite of international patents is central to maintaining our innovation leadership and providing our customers with access to leading ingredient solutions.”

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