Quality of Life's Ameal BP wins award

Quality of Life's Ameal BP wins award

Ameal BP features AmealPeptide, which is made of peptides from milk proteinsone and one of the few heart health ingredients backed by 13 human clinical studies.

Quality of Life Labs’ Ameal BP® product is a winner in the Heart/Circulation category in the 2013 Best of Supplements Awards and will be featured in the November 2013 issue of Better Nutrition magazine.

AmealPeptide®, which is made up of specific peptides derived from milk proteins, is featured in Ameal BP and is one of the few heart health ingredients backed by 13 human clinical studies which show that AmealPeptide helps maintain both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels already within a healthy range.

Better Nutrition magazine, which was founded in 1938 and monthly reaches nearly 1 million consumers through 1,200 health-food stores and chains nationwide, began its Best of Supplements Awards in 2008.

When asked about the awards, Better Nutrition’s editor-in-chief, Nicole Brechka, noted, “We look at a combination of things, including quality and type of ingredients used in a formula, whether or not a product or ingredient has been tested in clinical trials, and popularity among consumers nationwide.”

“We liked the fact that the ingredient has been clinically studied for high blood pressure and is a proprietary ingredient,” added Brechka. “We also like the fact that it is on the cutting edge of natural healing—this product is something we haven't seen before, and our readers are interested in learning about new and clinically studied products.”

“We feel honored to have won our third Best of Supplements award from Better Nutrition and appreciate the support of our supplier, Calpis Co. Ltd., which made this product launch possible, and we look forward to sharing this news about Ameal BP to health food retailers at the Natural Products Expo East convention in Baltimore on Sept. 26,” said Dan Lifton, CEO of Quality of Life Labs.

In 2012, Quality of Life Labs won a Best of Supplements Award for its Peptisol digestion product and, in 2011, its Oligonol supplement won the same award in the Multivitamins and Antioxidants category.



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