Regulation (EC) No 1170/2009 Authorizes Lessafre Selenium-Enriched Yeast

A scientific opinion from EFSA had been adopted on 09 July 2008 for “selenium-
enriched yeast as source for selenium added for nutritional purposes in food for
particular nutrition uses and foods (including food supplements) for the general
population”. The conclusions were the followings:

- The bioavaibility of selenium from selenium-enriched yeast appears to be
similar to that of selenomethionine and is approximately two times higher than
in the inorganic forms of selenium. It is estimated at more than 90% in

- The toxicity of organic forms of selenium including selenium-enriched yeast
has been shown to be lower than that of inorganic forms. In addition, no safety
concern has been shown at proposed intake levels.

Lesaffre selenium-enriched yeast corresponds to these characteristics.
Lynside Forte Se +1200 and Se +2000 got a positive opinion from EFSA.
From now on, Commission Regulation (EC) No 1170/2009 will come into force on
December 21st, 2009. It amends Directive 2002/46/EC and Regulation (EC)
No 1925/2006 as regards the lists of vitamins and minerals and their forms that can be
used in the manufacture of food supplement and added to foods. This new Regulation
authorizes selenium-enriched yeast as a source for selenium to be:

- added to foods and
- used in the manufacture of food supplements.

The selenium-enriched yeast must comply with the following characteristics:
Selenium-enriched yeasts produced by culture in the presence of sodium
selenite as selenium source and containing, in the dried form as marketed, not
more than 2.5 mg Se/g. The predominant organic selenium species present in
the yeast is selenomethionine (between 60 and 85% of the total extracted
selenium in the product). The content of other organic selenium compounds
including selenocysteine shall not exceed 10% of total extracted selenium.
Levels of inorganic selenium normally shall not exceed 1% of total extracted

Lynside‚ Forte Se +1200 and Se +2000 correspond to this description.
Lynside Forte Se +1200 and Se +2000 are authorized to be added to
foods (including food supplements) in the EU starting 21 December 2009.

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