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Relaxation For The Rest Of Us - Nature’s Life’s Introduces Lavender Calm(TM)

Larkspur, Calif., - 80% of Americans are more “stressed out” today than five years ago, according to a National Consumer League survey of 1,074 adults. Whether it’s the economy, personal health, work, or family, when stress interferes with activities at work or home, it’s not healthy.

“The good news is that regaining personal freedom from anxiety in our lives is easier to do naturally than people might think” said Karl Riedel, President of Nature’s Life.

Lavender Calm™, the dietary supplement, launches September 1st. This formulation uses herbs, amino acids and magnesium, in a unique combination. During the bodies response to stress, levels of the brain chemical Serotonin are shown to decrease. The product contains 600 mg of English Lavender, well-known in aromatherapy for its relaxation benefits, magnesium for muscle relaxation and the amino acids L-Theanine and 5-HTP, intended to provide nutritive support for healthy relaxation.

“Nature’s Life’s Lavender Calm™ helps manage the feeling of being ‘stressed out’ with an easy three capsule per day formula”, states Karl Riedel. Lavender Calm™ dietary supplement is available in natural and health food stores in a 90 capsule bottle. The SRP is $24.99.

Since 1970, Nature’s Life has been a leading brand of quality dietary supplements. For more information, please visit us at

Lavender Calm™
600 mg English Lavender
L-Theanine, Trypophan, Magnesium
Launch Date: 9-1-06


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