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Retailers' questions answered

The Natural Products Expo East team addresses your top concerns about this year’s show.

Will I see manufacturers or products at Expo East that I won’t see at Expo West?
"The answer is yes. The exciting thing about attending Expo East is the number of first-timers—approximately 30 percent of show-floor exhibitors—who come each year.

Additionally, new product launches are happening all the time within our well-established exhibiting manufacturer base. While retailers visit exhibitors, an extended discounting program for show-floor purchases helps retailers make the smartest choices for their store shelves. Finally, the New Products Showcase and Showcase Awards provides New England-based manufacturers (many of which do not exhibit at West) the opportunity to highlight their products within the “New England’s Best” category.
–Erica Stone, show manager

I heard that Expo East is moving to Baltimore next year. Why are you leaving Boston?
We are constantly evaluating the needs of our clients when determining the characteristics of this industry’s trade events, inclusive of dates and location. After a thorough examination of the market, and feedback from the industry, an aggressive initiative aimed to increase show-floor commerce, reduce participant expenditure and ensure community development has been introduced for the 2010 event in Boston. The move back to Baltimore in 2011 will complement these initiatives in the future and re-establish Expo East as the premier buying show on the East Coast.
–Erica Stone, show manager

What will I learn at this year’s Organic Summit?
Attendees will learn about the current challenges and opportunities facing the organic industry. From positioning organic products in a discount culture to specific topics such as the Farm Bill, genetically modified organisms and ingredient trends, the Organic Summit is a forum for in-depth discussion, networking and some fun.
–Adam Andersen, show manager

How does Alicia Silverstone tie in to the natural products movement? Why did you select her as your keynote speaker?
We chose Alicia because she shares the core values of our industry members and promotes lifestyle choices that include healthy foods, natural and organic products, and protecting the earth’s resources.
–Anneli Spielman, conference manager

Are the buyers at Expo East different than the buyers at Expo West?
The crossover in buyers between Natural Products Expo East and Natural Products Expo West is less than 10 percent. Expo East buyers are focused regionally in the Northeast, and the largest segment (14 percent) is independent. At Expo West, 40 percent of the buyers are distributors or brokers.
–Jessica Matzuk, marketing manager

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