The Right C® – Purity Life Health Products Ltd. Signs Exclusive Agreement for Canada

Nature’s Harmony & Vivitas will offer next generation vitamin C exclusively to the Canadian Market for all retail channels – including Health Food and Food, Drug and Mass

July 31, 2006 – Acton, ON – Purity Life Health Products Ltd. and The C Group Inc. (through Vero Corporation) is pleased to announce the signing of an Exclusive Supply Agreement for The Right C®.

The Right C® is a patent pending new form of vitamin C, containing a special complex of unique metabolites called Riboperine™. In both human and animal clinical studies, The Right C® has been shown to exhibit greater and more rapid absorption properties than any conventional form of vitamin C, including ascorbic acid and Ester C®. This extremely superior metabolic performance is due to the unique Enter-Cell™ and Multi-Path® technologies. As a result of its composition, The Right C® provides increased ability to “enter the cell” through “multiple pathways”.

David Chapman, Founder & President of Purity Life said, “We are extremely excited about our relationship with the people from The C Group Inc., and the exclusive agreement we have forged with them to offer The Right C® to the Canadian Market. Many of these people are the same individuals (scientists, clinicians, researchers and business people) who brought Ester C® to the market over 20 years ago.” Chapman goes on to say “Nature’s Harmony and Vivitas will begin offering products with The Right C® in them, to the market, in late September or early October. This will include the natural health products market (health food stores) as well as traditional food, drug and mass market retailers.”

Dr. Jim LaValle, R.Ph., N.D., C.C.N., of the Living Longer Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio and scientific advisor to Purity Life Heath Products said, “The preliminary clinical studies on The Right C® show great promise. There were a recent series of clinical trials conducted using The Right C®. In these studies, the absorption of The Right C® ranged from 414% greater than standard ascorbic acid to 260% greater than Ester C®. In another preliminary study which looked at only one of the metabolites in Riboperine™, absorption values were 40% higher than standard ascorbic acid; in another study evaluating the whole Riboperine™ metabolite complex, absorption of The Right C® was 107% greater than Ester C®.” Dr. LaValle went on to say, “This product is delivering nearly intravenous levels of this very important nutrient directly to the blood stream – where it is needed and used by the body.”

Nature’s Harmony and Vivitas will offer a number of skus which will include a 1,000mg tablet, 500mg vegi-cap capsules, “The Right C® Supreme” (will include vitamin E & other nutrients), as well as other products yet to be formulated. For further information, call the company at 800-265-2615.

About Purity Life Health Products Ltd.
Founded 22 years ago, Purity Life is Canada’s number one supplier of natural health products. They distribute over 5,000 products to both mass market retailers and health food stores across Canada. Purity Life is a recognized leader in the nutritional and dietary supplement industry, routinely funding research projects and actively working with Health Canada on regulatory issues.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-265-2615

About Nature’s Harmony – “Where Science and Nature Come Together” – Nature’s Harmony has been available in the Canadian marketplace since 1936. Nature’s Harmony offers more than 100 products to the Canadian health food shopper, and continues to develop innovative, premium, scientifically-tested, quality product to meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers. Nature’s Harmony follows the strict GMP requirements for raw material testing, production specification, packaging and handling.

For more information, visit or call 1-877-WAY-2-LIVE.

About Vivitas – “Supplements Designed for your lifestyle” - First in quality and innovation, VIVITAS® is a leader in natural health supplements. Living a healthy lifestyle means making decisions about what goes into your body. Everyone is unique and facing different issues so Vivitas has created products for many different situations. VIVITAS® guarantees that its products do not contain any artificial preservatives, flavours, colours, or added wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar or starch. Sourced from prime locations around the world, VIVITAS®' ingredients are pure and effective. Vivitas products are safe and proven effective by scientific studies. A healthy lifestyle includes VIVITAS®.

For more information, visit or call 1-877-265-2615.

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