The Roquette Group Announces Launch of New Website is a brand-new website dedicated to showcase the image of SweetPearl™: a pleasurable, innovative, healthy and flavourful ingredient. By communicating the launch of the website,, The ROQUETTE Group hopes to enable both food and nutrition professionals as well as consumers to access specified information, including technical data and case studies devoted to our flagship ingredient - SweetPearl™ maltitol. was designed specifically for food professionals (particularly in the fields of chocolate, bakery products, chewing gum and sugar confectionery); this new website will be of special interest to the marketing, R&D, purchasing and sales departments of the food sectors. SweetPearl™ is giving a boost to the gourmet market by at last linking nutritional benefits to flavour, eating pleasure and creative potential. Visitors to the new website also have the option of receiving a monthly newsletter for regular updates on the latest news and developments. also provides information for general consumers. Particularly for consumers in search of new food products that combine gourmet taste and healthy balance. This is where they will find informative answers to their questions concerning the SweetPearl™ ingredient.

SweetPearl™ is a sweetener which is naturally sweet and produced from renewable agricultural raw materials: wheat and maize. A source of innovation, SweetPearl™ enhances flavour while improving the nutritional value of food products without making any major changes to recipes or manufacturing processes. SweetPearl™ is designed for any food application, including but not limited to: chocolates, bakery products, chewing gum and sugar confectionary.

The Roquette group:
Roquette is a private family business. Fortified by its 75 years of experience, Roquette is the world polyol leader and one of the major global players in the starch field (No 2 in Europe and No 4 in the world).

The Roquette Group, present throughout the entire globe through 30 sites including 18 production plants, employs over 6,000 staff of which 3,600 in France.

In 2007 it achieved a turnover of over 2.5 billion euros and processes every year 6 million tonnes of renewable raw materials (maize, wheat, potato, pea and tomorrow micro-algae) in a range of over 650 products derived from starch for the human and animal nutrition, paper-board, pharmacy-cosmetology or biochemistry industries.

Anxious to assert its independence and strengthen its position as leader while at the same time innovating and diversifying, the Roquette Group has chosen to develop in two strategic areas: vegetal-based chemistry and nutrition-health. To this end, it invests over 40 million euros a year in research and development and more than 10% of its turnover in investment in production facilities.

Roquette is implementing a strategy of sustainable innovation that consists in designing and developing ingredients, products and applications that reconcile the environmental, economic and societal challenges.

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