Sans Sucre Moves to New Location and Launches New Web Site

2006-20-12 - Sans Sucre opens a new functional food and lab location Jan 3rd 2007 to better serve its customers for "Cross-Category Nutrient Delivery Vehicle Applications Development". The new web site will allow easy communication access to customers and a portal for our growing process equipment sales side of the company.

"This move will allow us to speed up customer project completion. Our specialty covers just about all formulation aspects and categories, so our new location will allow smaller volume batch tests, faster turnaround and at lower project cost to clients. Average minimum batch sizes will be approximately 75gr.-100 gr. for both tablet and traditional functional tablet chewing gums, 25gr-50 gr. for beverage powders, 100 gr. for nutritional gels, 50gr to 200 gr. For sports nutritional and portion snacks.

We will still have the capability to meet volume requirements for projects market studies and targeted product launches. The new developments allow us to access the growing demand for outsource formulation services and product innovations from the multi-nationals corporations down to start-up companies.

Sans Sucre is located in Montreal, Quebec Canada. For more information, visit

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