Save $99 on NEXT Innovation Summit

Save $99 on NEXT Innovation Summit

Early bird rate expires Jan. 31, 2014, so sign up for this premier conference today!

If you only attend one conference for the health and nutrition industry all year, NEXT Innovation Summit is where you should be! 

NEXT Innovation Summit brings together intelligence, innovation, technical insights and cutting-edge science, all wrapped in the premier conference for product innovators. Additionally, we have broadened the educational offerings to explore the macro forces and integral science shaping our businesses, our industry and our world.

Register today before the early bird rate expires on Jan. 31. As an added incentive to register now, we are offering an additional $99 off the Early Bird Rate for the two-day conference. Use promo code NUTRAEMAIL2 to take advantage of this deep discount. Invest in yourself today and attend the top conference in the health and nutrition industry.

NEXT Innovation Summit overview
Wednesday afternoon will focus on the “big ideas” bringing together the entire conference audience for five keynote-style presenters who will speak passionately about macro forces changing the way we innovate and do business.

Be inspired by the powerful presentation by keynote speaker Daniel Kraft, MD: “The Future of Health and Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?" Dr. Kraft's experience and vision in many ways epitomizes the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that is shaping not only the future of health care, but also the future of the natural health industry. Take a peek at his most recent TED Talk that has had more than 648,000 views.

Thursday will introduce technical information in a broad-based format with three themed tracks diving deep into important issues, trends and science shaping innovation.

  • Evolution & Macro Forces gets into the evolution of mainstream and macro forces influencing our industry. We'll cover ideas such as sustainability, non-GMO, upcycling, price volatility and market-shifting ingredient trends.
  • Growing and Trend focuses on growing established business and developing innovative new products. You'll learn the latest trend data around sales and product development.
  • Integral Science focus on the latest and most compelling science around experiential ingredients, diabetes and obesity, omega-3s, cognitive health and more. Experts both within the industry and from prestigious universities will share their research and insights around promising ingredients and applications.

Your NEXT Innovation Summit badge allows you access to ingredient and technology innovation at co-located Engredea and Natural Products Expo West.

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