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Social-able: Natural foods retailer shares Twitter tips

Social-able: Natural foods retailer shares Twitter tips
Each week Natural Foods Merchandiser shares how natural products retailers and others use social media. This week we share sample tweets and a Twitter interview from Florida's Rollin' Oats Market and Cafe.

Rollin' Oats Market and Cafe based in Tampa, Fla., touts Twitter as an important promotional tool. The natural foods store took some time this week to share its tips and tactics with us as a part of Natural Foods Merchandiser's weekly look at how natural products retailers and others use social media.


Share this: Tried and true tweeting

Natural Foods Merchandiser each week picks a social media post worth sharing. Gain inspiration and learn from your peers as we explore how natural foods retailers get social.

Storified by nfm_mag · Tue, Aug 21 2012 15:48:47

Rollin' Oats Market and Cafe serves the Tampa Bay area in Florida with two stores and lots of tweeting. In fact, the natural market attributes some of its success to Twitter. So we at Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine decided to tweet the store to learn more about its tactics.

Below is the transcript of the Twitter interview.
Good morning @rollinoatstampaChristine Kapperman
@kappermanc We are here in Tampa and ready to go!Rollin' Oats Market
Thank you @rollinoatstampa for being here to talk via Twitter.Christine Kapperman
.@rollinoatstampa Q1: Why should a #natural foods retailer tweet?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Tweeting allows us to communicate with our customers all over the Tampa Bay area in a format that is easy to access and...Rollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa on Q1: I wonder if there is more to the answer.Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Yes, easy to access as well as aligns with their lifestyle and pace.Rollin' Oats Market
@rollinoatstampa Thank you for clarifying Q1.Christine Kapperman
.@rollinoatstampa Q2: What do you tweet about?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Daily cafe specials, recipes, events, ReTweet articles and hot topics, educate our customers about new products, in-store demosRollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Q3: How many tweets a day do you post? At what times?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc We shoot for about 10 tweets a day - avg 1/hr - depending on contentRollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Q4: Why do use so many hashtags?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Hashtags have increased our following.Rollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Q5: Which hashtags work best?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Key ingredients, dietery restrictions (like gluten-free), our name, location (St. Pete/Tampa)Rollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Q6: How do you measure Twitter success?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc We see an increase interest in our daily lunch specials and in event attendance. Exploring exclusive giveaways as well.Rollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Wonderful. A couple of more questions.Christine Kapperman
.@rollinoatstampa Q7: Who handles the tweets?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Our in-house Marketing deptRollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa How many do you have in that dept?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Two currently dedicated to our marketing and we also interact with our buyers and management teamRollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Q8: How long does tweeting take each day?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Each tweet is a quick couple of minutes unless there is additional research involved - about 30-45 minutes/dayRollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Q9: What was best tweet ever?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc We saw about 5 times the normal hits when we posted our recipe for Caprese Salad...but gotta say this interview tops the charts!Rollin' Oats Market
.@rollinoatstampa Q10: Can you share 3 simple Twitter tips for retailers?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc (1) Vary the content (2) Don't be afraid to add a little personality (3) Be consistent in volume and frequency of tweets.Rollin' Oats Market
I think that covers my questions, @rollinoatstampa. Any notes to add for #natural retailers?Christine Kapperman
@kappermanc Have fun with it - don't let it be a chore! Thanks for following and if we can help with any future articles/topics, pls tweet!Rollin' Oats Market
Thank you @rollinoatstampa for your time this morning.Christine Kapperman
And thank you @rollinoatstampa for sharing your social knowledgeChristine Kapperman
Have a wonderful day @rollinoatstampa. I'm signing off.Christine Kapperman
After the chat, SMC Content shared this additional resource.
@KappermanC @rollinoatstampa Here are 3 tools to measure twitter success. Content
To get an idea of how Rollin' Oats uses Twitter, here are a few tweets by the natural foods market.
Is it feeling like a Monday? Drop by to #Rollin' #Oats and get a shot of #wheat #grass or a #veggie #juice filled with a bunch of...Rollin' Oats Market
Do you like #wine? Get ready for the #weekend and swing by to taste some great #wines we will be #sampling this afternoon! See you at...Rollin' Oats Market
More reasons to enjoy #dark #chocolate! Study - Dark Chocolate Improves Brain Function in Seniors More:...Rollin' Oats Market
Get some #popcorn and find a spot outside #tonight to watch the #meteor #shower! Must-see photo of the weekend's meteor shower...Rollin' Oats Market
It's another #MeatlessMonday! Check out this tasty summer combination!' Oats Market
Gotta #sweet tooth this morning? The #Oats #Cafe has some #fresh #baked #pastries with #gluten-free and #vegan options as always!...Rollin' Oats Market
#Lunch time in #Tampa? Try our #special today: #Tempeh #Chili, #Turkey #Meatloaf, Classic #Risotto, Yellow #Squash, #Lima #Beans,...Rollin' Oats Market

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