Social network Ozoshare aims to be the Facebook of the green community

In a crowded social media marketplace, newcomer Ozoshare aims to carve out its social niche by catering to your sustainable, green interests. launches today as a new kind of social network—one in which you don't pin pretty photos or are limited to 140 characters.

Instead, Ozoshare is all about connecting a disparate community of environmentally-friendly lovers into a central online hub. The ultimate goal: Give green individuals and companies social tools to help them continue their green efforts in the world.

It's the "first social network for the green world driven by green interests," said Scott Peters, vice president of business development. He and co-founder Tom Smith, Jr. dreamed up the network two years ago. Both have been in the recycling industry for 12 years.

The site, in beta since December 2011, officially launches today. Its 3,000 members have grown organically (pun intended) and the site is privately backed by Peters and Smith.

"We want to be the social network for the green world, just like Facebook is the social network for the social world," Peters said. Now that the site is public, the founders are aiming for 100,000 members as their next goal.

What is Ozoshare?

The site boils green interests into six main efforts:  recycling, green energy, green living, global warming, wildlife preservation, and environmental conservation. Interests are what drive the network, said Smith.

"Instead of using mutual friends, we go with mutual interests because that's way more valuable," he said. "It turns the whole green community into small micro communities."

Users can sign up, create as many business or individual pages as they like and then become "partners" (friends) with other green users. Join Pow Wows (groups) and send updates to your partners on The Buzz (your wall). The site functions like Facebook, but with much more functionality for businesses—beating the world's largest social network to the punch.

Why join Ozoshare?

And this is why you businesses should join Ozoshare.

Natural retailers and manufacturers will find the custom page creation superior to Facebook's Pages. Simply click "Add a New Custom Page," enter the URL of your page's content, and your page will be embedded on Ozoshare, no special coding required.

This is ideal for embedding e-commerce pages or lead generation pages, allowing Ozoshare users to interact with you immediately while they browse Ozoshare. Peters said it takes only about 10-20 minutes to set up the pages because the system does all the work.

The most popular interest on the network so far is green living. Whether you're trying to partner to spread the good green word or simply reach the most dedicated green consumer, Ozoshare is your go-to social network.  

Will you join the network or are you overloaded by social media? Share in the comments. If you sign up, search for "New Hope Natural Media" to become our green partner.

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