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Soft Gel Technologies

From The December 2001 Issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser

Soft Gel Technologies

Our Corporate Mission
Soft Gel Technologies' mission is to provide the natural products industry with soft gelatin encapusulation to meet or exceed the highest standards of quality, purity and performance. By specializing in developing novel formulas, we excel in offering products that are research-supported for efficacy. We challenge ourselves to successfully produce nutrients no one else has ever attempted to encapsulate.

We regard customer service as paramount in our quest for company excellence. Service begins with listening to the customer, then providing prompt, courteous, and above all, truthful answers. SGTI employees are ready to assist with research, product development, sales and customer support.

With a strong belief in our employees, products and dedication to excellent customer service, we pursue our commitment to be the very best in soft gelatin encapsulation and a leader in innovative nutraceuticals.

Our Company
Soft Gel Technologies was founded in 1995 with a staff of fewer than 20; today we've grown to more than 200 employees. SGTI is strategically located in the hub of commerce and transportation in Los Angeles. The company's rapid success is due to our quality products backed by research and development.

Precise Production
Using an oil delivery system and total line segregation, manufacturing is accomplished by combining precision equipment and a consistent series of processes. Encapsulation, inspection and finishing are completed in separate humidity- and temperature-controlled environments to prevent cross contamination.

High-capacity gel reactors produce clear and colored gelatins. Three different types of mills grind powders and pastes to micron size. This allows for encapsulation of virtually any ingredient. Imprinting is available to give products a personal touch. SGTI uses all-natural excipients and colorants and avoids using hydrogenated fats. Deionized water is used in all phases of manufacturing. Lint-free towels remove excess oil from capsules and machinery is cleaned using a citrus-based product. SGTI consciously avoids harsh solvents.

Cutting-edge Scientific Support
Research and development distinguish SGTI from the competition. SGTI's technical departments work closely with customers to create products with integrity in an environment of complete confidentiality and full compliance with state and federal regulations.

SGTI laboratories are equipped with infrared and UV spectrophotometers, HPLC and gas chromatographs, capillary electrophoresis, atomic absorption and an accelerated shelf-life testing apparatus. This arsenal of equipment assures quality.

    Product tests include:
  • Analysis of raw material,
  • Stability, dissolution, disintegration studies,
  • Preliminary encapsulation,
  • Compatibility testing between gelatin and fill materials,
  • Developing innovative dosage forms.

SGTI strives to encapsulate nutrients never before placed in soft gelatin capsules. Because of our technology and diligent research, we are able to manufacture hard-to-encapsulate supplements. Our manufacturing process ensures that the potency and stability of the nutrient is maintained from the manufacturing process to the consumer.

The SGTI Edge
Soft gelatin products have distinct advantages; they're easy to handle, easy to swallow and they successfully mask harsh aftertastes and smells. SGTI's formulas include CoQsol® Coenzyme Q10, TocoVita Tocotrienols TM, Lycopene, GlucosolTM and our new innovative skin support supplement, InjuvTM. InjuvTM is composed of 9 percent hyaluronic acid. Because it is taken as a soft gel capsule, InjuvTM is able to work from the inside out by replenishing moisture in the skin, as well as helping to keep skin looking youthful.

Soft Gel TechnologiesTM is dedicated to providing products focused on nutritional research, technical innovation and customer service that are second to none. SGTI invites you to learn more about our products and services.

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